Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camping - Day 2 & 3

On day 2, we spent the day at the beach. I of course was planning to spend the day under the massive sportbrella. I chose not to wear sunscreen because I don't like creams and lotions on me... I rarely use anything like that. Most of the day I did as planned and stayed under the umbrella. I took one 15 min swim in the lake, and burned! Just my shoulders, upper arms and my clevage. It's not too bad though.
It was a good day.

After the beach we came back to the camp site and helped my friend put her tent away because she had to go back to Ottawa. Then we put our tarps up anticipating the thunderstorms. Guess what! It didn't rain a drop. It was a beautiful day.

Maizey refused to nap all day and was very cranky. I managed to get her down for a nap just in time for dinner.

So cute that she puts her arms over her eyes. Good ol' dog bed!

It was a short lived nap. Lucky for us, Maizey's cousin, Lucas, took on the job of entertaining her while we finished eating our dinner. He loves his baby cousin!

He loves her so much that he shared hi double stuffed Oreo with her .

Maizey is getting all kinds of treats that she shouldn't be eating.

Right now, Angela is having a shower, Maizey is sleeping in her baby cousin hailey's screened in baby bed, while we sit around the fire again tonight.
Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm for overnight tonight, hail etc. Good thing we left our tarps up.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping - Day One

I love camping!
There were just two raccoons in the dining tent trying to eat some granola bars and some apple sauce cups that were accidentally left in there.
Today was a good day. 3.5 hour drive, we arrived, put up tents, and pretty much settled in. We didn't have time for the beach. We ate dinner, and then spent time around the fire, roasting marshmallows.

We decided to just boil water and fill the overnight bottles. If they get cold then oh well. Maizey will drink them cooler, she just prefers warmed.
Tomorrow we will have to put up some tarps as it's supposed to thunder storm on Tuesday, starting in the early morning.
If you're wondering what the decision about Maizey's sleeping arrangements was - dog bed. Perfect solution! Just like a bassinette, only you can get them bigger and much less expensive. She's quite comfortable.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Expressionless Jumper

Video Here


I don't know if I mentioned already that we have finally decided to go camping next week. Angela has the week of June 26 to July 2 off. We were up in the air about going because we had no one to watch our doggies. Angela's dad usually watches them but he's in Portugal until July 7. My good friend has agreed to come and stay with the dogs while we are away, so we will be going to Sandbanks Provincial Park. I have been there once on a day trip to the beach, while visiting my best friend in Kingston when she went to school there. I have always wanted to camp there, but it is hard to find an available camp site, unless you want to log onto the Provincial Park web page at 7am so many months before you want to camp. Well, we never know for sure what weeks Angela will get off that far in advance. We were going to go to Killbear because it is a beautiful park too, but I found some available sites at Sandbanks, and decided to do that one this summer. We will be going with Angela's sister and brother-in-law and their kids. My best buddy Joanna will be joining us too with her son for a couple days. I am really excited.
There are a couple things though that I am unsure about. I have never been camping with Maizey, and am a little nervous about that. I am sure it will be fine though. I just have to figure out where she will sleep. I don't know if her pack and play will fit into the tent along with our double high queen air mattress. I am also nervous about the mosquito's. The don't really bite me that often, they just bug, but again, this is all new with Maizey. I suppose we'll just pack some infant antihistamine just in case she has a reaction to it. One other thing is heating the bottle at night for her. I think what we'll end up doing is just boiling water before we go to bed at night and then put it in a Thermos, and hope that it is warm enough when she wakes to have a drink. She's been sleeping well through the night these days again, and only waking in the early morning to eat.
One thing I am going to try to do is get my pictures off of the camera faster so that I can put more on here, also, I have to get use to taking the camera everywhere and actually using it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I find I have been thinking a lot about the friends that we are no longer talking too. I miss them a lot in a way, but at the same time, it is sort of a relief not having to worry about pleasing them. They liked things their way, all the time, and I am the kind of person who will cater to that no matter the stress. I would go to lengths to put them before myself, and before Angela. Angela and I had many hard times because I did this. Our relationship is easier now. This could be in part where the tension came from. The resentment Angela had, that I would put them first. I'm not intending this to be a negative post. I just feel the need to get it out though. I wonder how my friends are doing. I know that this is the month that they designated to begin the TTC process. Whether or not that plan has remained or changed, I don't know, and may never know. However, if it has remained, I am sending well wishes, and positive fertility thoughts. I wish my old friends all the best in this process!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maizey GAGa.

We've been trying Maizey on some purees since she turned 6 months, maybe a little bit earlier, because the doctor told us to. First we tried meat, but she gagged, and it smelled terrible (pre-made baby food) so we skipped meat. Although the doctor told us to do meat first, we just went to veggies. She liked the pre-made sweet potatoes, and carrots, but won't eat a lot. We've since tried the different fruit. She will eat it mixed with her cereal, and will eat some banana and pears on their own. She is just picky i guess because sometimes she will eat them sometimes she won't.
She LOVES to eat the foods she is not supposed to eat. Like off our plates.. sometimes we squash it all up until it is mushy and let her try some. I know, not the best idea, because of allergies etc, but she eats it that way.
Today, I tried making some homemade sweet potato. She gagged. I don't understand. I am worried that she won't eat solids. I am trying to keep the thought that she will eat when she's ready. She does love the cereal though, but again will only eat it when she is the right mood.
I will just keep trying her with foods, to see if she will get use to it.
Funny thing, she will eat crackers, no problem.
She's been drooling up a storm, but still no teeth. I think it's coming though, her gums are all hard.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Days

Yesterday we went to the Toronto Zoo. It was really a lot of fun. It's a lot of walking, but I didn't mind. Of course my favourite animal was the giraffes. I was a little sad that they had them in small cages. Usually they are out in a big grassy treed area but I guess they had put in new sod or something and had to keep them in the cages. Maizey was good. I think she saw some of the animals. Angela, Maizey and I went with my best buddy Jo and her son Aiden. Aiden is about 19/20 months old now and he was really liking the animals. He got all sad every time we said "goodbye" to an animal, but was very excited to see the next one. He liked the monkey's and he liked the zebra`s. Maizey has been extra tired today though.
Tomorrow we are going to Marineland. We wouldn`t be going because we wouldn`t spend the money on it (not worth it in my opinion), but my work has the annual summer company picnic there so we get everything free. We are taking my nephew and my mom with us. My nephew is really excited because he has never been on a roller coaster before. He is looking forward to the ladybug ride.
We have finally decided we will be going camping with Angela`s sister, brother in law and their kids. They have 4 (2 months to 10yrs). I am a little worried about Maizey and the bugs, but we`ll deal I suppose.
We really enjoy the camping atmosphere. We have decided that we will probably end up buying a small trailer. It would just be a lot easier then doing the tent. We spend a lot of money renting cottages every year and that only gets us a week. We figure that if we get a trailer we can go more frequently than just a week a year. We headed down to a local trailer dealer, and fell in love with one. Our goal is to have one by next spring. The thing is though, that we will have to get a new vehicle too because neither of our cars will tow the trailer that we like. It`s ok though because we were figuring we needed a bigger vehicle anyway. With the baby stroller and everything, we can hardly get anything else in the car. We`re thinking probably an SUV or crossover.
We`re really very excited.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Empty bed..

Angela is at the general hospital for the night. Nothing too serious. She has gained a significant amount of weight in the past year. (give or take a little time) when she sleeps, she snores, and sometimes she stops breathing, so she's gone for the sleep study test to test for apnea. I am alone for the night. At least I'll be able to sleep though. I don't know if any one else has this problem or not, but sometimes Ange gets watching tv at night (we don't have a tv in the bedroom) and I come to bed at the usual 11pm or so. Well she stays up watching stuff until 2 or 3 in the morning. That's fine, she is a big girl, only it causes me problems. I don't know why, but I don't sleep well when this happens. I don't know if it's because I'm waiting for her to come to bed or what, but I just don't really sleep until she's in bed. The past two nights she's come to bed at 2 and I'm exhausted, as I also get up in the night with maizey on nights that Ange works the next day.
I hope she sleeps well tonight and I don't have to get up too much. I put her in bed awake tonight. She banged her legs on the mattress for a while, (something she always does in bed) but eventually went to sleep.

Ok I'm falling asleep now too.

Night night.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cranky Days

I don't know what is up with Maizey these days. She is especially cranky.
Tuesday was an especially hot day here. It was 29C (84F) but because of humidity, it felt like 37C (98.6F). Considering it has been raining for two weeks straight, we were happy with the warm temperatures. Maizey and I spent the day at my friend's house, it was her day off of work, and she is a sun worshiper. While she sat under the sun, we sat under the sport-brella. (We are not sun worshipers). Maizey was surprisingly content with this. I think she was just enjoying the fresh air and the different (not in the house) view. After about 3 hours, she became too hot and too cranky, so my friend took Maizey in her son's blow up pool. I didn't think she'd like it much because it is much colder than her bath, but she did like it. She loved it in fact. She was splashing around and talking up a storm. After that, it was time for us to go home, so I packed her up into her infant carrier car seat and went home. All of the fresh air and swimming excitement must have wore her out. She had a two and a half hour nap. Usually she only naps for about half hour at the most.

Yesterday she was cranky all day. I am thinking it is either, she was too hot, or gassy, or introducing new foods is causing the crankiness. The other thing is teeth. I still can't see or feel any, but she is six months now, so it is likely. She really wasn't happy with anything yesterday. She was quite gassy, and pooped 3 times, which is more than usual. I tried everything to make her happy, but nothing worked. Here she is in her exersaucer just before a melt down.

It's been a long and hard couple weeks. Angela has been working 12h days for the past week and a bit. Normally I would not encourage this, as I like to have time for us to spend as a family, and be together, but vacation time is coming up, and we could use the extra cash. By the time she gets home at night, I am ready for bed. Man, I feel like I am ready for bed now.

Today, she was offered some overtime, but she just couldn't do it. She misses us too much. She was looking forward to coming home at 1 to be with us, and so she declined. That's ok with me. The thing is, Maizey is going with her dad this afternoon for a while. So it won't be family time after all. It's ok though, I am looking forward to some much needed couple time. We've been seeing a marriage and family therapist for a while, to keep our relationship in check, as we don't always communicate that great with one another, and she would definitely approve of this time.

I don't know, I guess a lot of people wouldn't really want to talk about seeing a Therapist. I think it comes with the connotation that something is wrong in your relationship. But I guess we see her as more of a prevention, before something goes wrong in our relationship. I mean, Yes, there are things that have caused much stress on the two of us in the past 6 months (baby, mom's sick, mom dying, mom almost dies, lack of support from people we thought we could count on, a trip for a funeral etc.), that we have discussed. There are also more intimate things that have created stress on our relationship for longer periods, things that we just can't seem to work out between the two of us, things that are dwelled upon and we need help with that. We need someone from the outside to help with those things. Maybe I will get into that more another day. It is a post I have been considering for a long time. I guess though, I want to appear as though we live in this perfect little world, and have a perfect relationship, so it is hard to actually put it down here.

In a week, we will be back to Toronto for some child free couple time. Maizey's Papa will be babysitting overnight while Angela and I along with some friends go to the NKOTB BSB concert. Yes, we're crazy. LOL. We've decided to stay the night in a hotel and make a mini couple night out of it. Our seats at the concert suck, but it should be a good time anyway.
I contemplated using the iron on t-shirt decals from my many concert programs from back in the day to make some stylin new t-shirts, but changed my mind.

I think I could go on an on today. But, I will stop here for now, and save some for another day.