Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Crazy

I think I have gone baby crazy. All I can think about is babies. I want another one. I know that I want to wait until Maizey is older, but it seems so far away. I just Love Maizey so so so much. I can't even imagine life without her. It is so amazing just watching her learn and change.
There is some debate about the next baby. Angela thinks she may want to carry. I'm okay with that but, I want to carry too. I really enjoyed the pregnancy, and even the birth. If I am the one to carry, I would like to have the baby at home. Angela doesn't want me to. She is worried because I required surgery to repair my tears with Maizey. I told her she needn't worry about that, that they wouldn't offer it as an option if it wasn't completely safe. I am sure I would probably see a doctor quicker if I arrived to the hospital in an ambulance, than I did with Maizey anyway.
She's agreed that we can at least discuss it as an option with the Midwives when it comes time.
I LOVE MIDWIVES! Hopefully We will be lucky enough to have at least one more baby.

New private post


So Angela calls me this morning when she gets to work. " you wouldn't believe me if I told you!" she says. This is what she drove up to in the parking lot at her work!

Stanley Cup!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long day.

It was a long day today. We had to wait for an extra hour and a half for Maizey's appointment today. It turns out the doctor was called to the emergancy room for a while and it threw is schedule off. Oh well, it happens. The proceedure that was ordered for Maizey was pretty invasive... I didn't quite catch the name of it, but it was something to do with a catheter and radiation. Because she never had an ultrasound the doctor decided not to do the proceedure and instead ordered an ultrasound. We will have to go back to the hospital for that. They said it could take 8 to 10 weeks to get in for that! Wow! He said that because Maizey has had no other indications of a problem, he's not worried and that it was likely a fluke uti.
I'm thinking of starting another blog. Just to post a few things that I don't want every random to read. I haven't decided yet. Let me know if you want to be put on the list of invited readers if I do. I can't say I'll be posting there often, but just when I have something a little more personal. I'll continue to post here the everyday kind of stuff. And will indicate here if there is a new post there.
Maizey waiting for the doc.

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At the children's hospital

We're currently at the McMaster children's hospital with Maizey. Our family doctor reccomended that we see a urology specialist because Maizey had a urinary tract infection at a very young age. They say it's likely nothing wrong but they are more comfortable with getting things all checked out. I hope they don't have to do anything to invasive. She hasn't had any problems since and I'm not even convinced she truely had an infection. Collecting a urine sample from a baby is not easy, and it probably got contaminated. We'll see I guess.
Maizey has been loving the pool season. She would live in the water if she could. We have a better timeline as to when we'll be moving to a house now and can't wait. We found a perfect house that only needs a few cosmetics, but it's such a great price and neighbourhood, I'm sure it will sell before we are ready to buy. It looks like we'll be waiting until December or January. I'm ok with that, but will be hiring movers! We always seem to move when it's sooo cold out!
Here's a picture of Maizey and her dad. Having fun at the pool!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can't wait!

Our laptop is fixed! I can't wait to have it back!
Angela's dad came from Stoney creek mountain today to look at some houses. We managed to get a few open houses in despite the impromptu visit to urgent care. Manuel showed up with a sore and swollen foot. I guess it had been bothering him since Thursday. We took one look at it and the pain he was in and insisted he go have it checked out. Not bad wait time. 2 hours tops and he and Angela were back with a diagnosis of gout (sp?) and antibiotics.
We saw a few really nice places, a dump, and some that would be ok with a little work. We're not looking to have to do any major stuff, and some of them were a little over priced for the amount of work that needed to be done.
We'll keep looking.
I really want to find just the right place.
Here is our sweet little girl!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Activities.

Maizey, Ange and I have been enjoying our time together these days. I love the summer because it's a good time to get out. Right now, we're at ange's first beach volleyball game. It isn't at the real beach but rather a patch of sand near the welland canal

We also took Maizey on the real beach where she rode a giraffe ;)

We also went for icecream, and Maizey had her first turn on a swing that isn't indoors and used to put her to sleep. Yesterday we went to my mom's for a swim. Maizey loves it!!! She would probably stay in all day but her teeth were chattering and her lips were blue, so we got out!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Laptop broke!

A week before we went camping our laptop was acting up. it would turn on but nothing would come up on the screen. We did this removing the battery and draining the power completely trick and it worked a few times. Once we returned from camping nothing would work. The screen just wouldn't turn on. We took it in yesterday to the store where we got it, and they determined it was the LCD screen. (duh). So, it has to be sent away to be fixed. It could be 3 weeks before we get it back. NOT IMPRESSED. We got the techy guy to save our budget to a flash drive cause I'd be lost without it. Now I have to use the dinosaur computer in the basement. No motivation to go down there at all. Not to mention there is no where for Maizey to play down there. Lucky for me I can do most stuff on my iPhone, but some things I can't figure out. Like getting to other blogs by links or reading comments or leaving comments. Some sort of disabled cookies. Sure "click here" to solve this problem. Right, on a PC maybe not my iPhone. Sometimes I wish I was techier!
I guess I'll have to wait until Angela is home before working on the budget so I won't have to take Maizey into the dungeon. I would do it while she naps, but she doesn't nap well, and she'd probably wake before the dinosaur booted up.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Pride!

Ange, Maizey and I are just heading home from a wonderful pride BBQ. It was worth the drive. We had a great time. We of course were a little shy, but got over it more toward the time to go home. Wish we could have stayed later, but we have to get home to the dogs.
Thanks so much to Stacey and Angele (two girls in love) for having us! I'm so glad we could make it this year!!

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Camping - Day 4 & 5

We did not get the storm at all! Not a drop of rain. Wednesday was overcast and a bit cooler so we didn't really do much. Angela's brother-in-law and I took the kids canoeing for a bit, it was hard to balance 3 kids and two adults in one canoe, but we managed a trip down the river and back with no tipping. After that we just kinda hung out at the camp site roasting marshmallows and stuff.

Thursday we woke up and packed up to leave. We were going to go to the beach before heading home but decided not to. Good thing cause the traffic was horrible. We got home pretty late, unloaded and put everything away. I still have a few loads of laundry to finish.

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