Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am here, alone today. Angela has gone to see her mom. Yesterday, she was worried because she couldn't get hold of her mom and dad. She called her sister, and her BIL told her that they were all at the hospital. Angela's mom is in the ICU. I guess she had a high fever and then fainted at her regular appointment. Her blood pressure was dangerously low. So low in fact that they were worried that they wouldn't be able to bring her back to consciousness. They finally got her BP to a level that she was stable. This chemo stuff is scary. We've been having this type of scare off and on now for a month. One day her mom is fantastic, and the next, can't even walk or open her eyes.
Angela is there now, to spend today and tomorrow with her mom in the hospital. I will miss having her here... but she needs to be with her mom right now. I get that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another NOPE...

aunti showed today. Bummer. It's ok though, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home From a Beautiful Wedding!

We just got home from the wedding weekend. It was an amazing wedding. Very emotional, and beautiful. I will be posting pictures. Angela and I forgot to bring our camera... but, one of the brides lent us theirs for the night. THANK GOD. I actually cried when I realized that we hadn't brought ours with us. I had a very emotional day on Thursday. Not sure what was up. Friday night was the wedding, again very emotional. Angela and I stayed in a King suite at the bride and bride's chosen hotel. I LOVE HOTELS.
So.. my little ticker to the right of the screen is wrong, I am too lazy to fix it. It is actually 3 days to testing today. I think however, I am showing signs of the very beginning of auntie Flo visiting. So.. we'll wait and see.
Other than that, not much has changed. I am pretty tired, so I am off to phone my mommy (she likes me to call her when I get home from trips) and then off to bed. Back to work tomorrow after 8 days off... this is going to be tough.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

off for a wedding!

I will start with a TTC update. NO SYMPTOMS. Actually, I feel as though I am getting my Auntie Flo visit a week early. I'm not even frustrated. What will be will be. I think that the more tries we go through, the less anxiety I get. It just sort of turns into a part of life. There are a few tricks I have up my sleeve for next month. So I am excited to give it a whirl and see if it works. I am planning on cutting out all processed sugars. Like... chocolate, candy, juice with added sugar, pop, and all that junk. Yes, I am a junk food-aholic. Last time I got pregnant, that is what worked for me.. or it was a huge coincidence. lol... we'll see.

This weekend, Angela and I are off to London for a wedding. We are actually leaving tonight when Ange returns from work at 5. It is going to be an amazing time. I am looking very forward to staying in the king suite we have reserved for Friday night. I am so excited for my friends! Such a great couple. With their permission, I will post some pictures when we get back. We will be staying with them tonight and tomorrow night... wedding is Friday and then we'll stay with them again Saturday. Unless plans change.

I feel completely blessed to be included as "family" in this ceremony.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I finally got a positive OPK today. Yesterday was dark, but not as dark as the control. Today it is at least as dark as the control. I have had darker positives, so of course now I am paranoid. But I will read it as positive as long as it appears as dark. There is one spot too on the test line that appears darker, just not the whole line.
We inseminated yesterday, and again this morning. We will probably do it again tomorrow and Friday if need be. Angela thinks that yesterday was the day though. She just knows.

I have been writing a speech for my friends wedding that is coming up on the 16th. I am having a little trouble. I mean, these friends, they mean a lot to me, so I don't want to make it too humorous, but I also don't want it to sound like I am never going to see them again. Tricky. I am sure that it will all work out fine. No one will even remember my speech in the long run of things.
I think sometimes I just make too big a deal about of things that don't really need to be a big deal.

Today was a really nice fall day. It always makes me feel so comfy cozy snuggly when the weather is like it was today.. windy, and overcast. Reminds me of impending winter. I think I love winter.

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, I still haven't had a positive OPK. I have been peeing twice a day on those sticks, and nothing yet. I am wondering if I may be back to my longer cycle. Again, not too concerned. Don't really care so much. I will ovulate when I ovulate. We canceled several of the insemination's we had planned for last week. No need to waste. lol. We'll go ahead with multi this week I guess. My lines are getting darker on the OPK sticks, but still not dark enough. I'll just keep trying.
Just a little frustrating.. but what are you going to do? can't really change things.