Sunday, February 24, 2013

not too terrible two's

Some of the time, Maizey displays some terrible two behaviour. She pouts, she cries, she throws things, she lashes out, the usual tantrum behaviour. But you know what? Most of the time she is so so good. I've said it before, I can't even explain how much I absolutely love this little girl. She is learing so many new things these days. She is singing along with music, she is telling stories. It is especially cute when she "pretend plays". A lot of her play is with her baby dolls. She likes to dress and undress them, and change their diapers, as well she likes to put them to bed. It is so cute to listen to her talking to them. She also talks in the same tone to the dogs. We have an official assessment with her day care provider on Tuesday. They have to come to the house to assess that she is meeting all of her milestones. They tried to do some of the assessment while she was at daycare, but she was being shy. They are hoping that she is a lot more comfortable at home. We have been casually introducing her to the potty. She expresses quite an interest in the potty. She often wants to sit on it, or will tell us that she has to go potty. So, we rush her over to the potty, and sit her down on there. She sits for a while, then gets up. She has yet to actually go on the potty. She has twice sat on the potty, then got up and proceeded to pee on the floor. I'm hoping that she is not to difficult to train. I'm not worried as she is just over 2 years old and the doctor told us that its fine as long as she is trained by the time she is 3. She is so loving these days. She always runs over and hugs me and kisses me just out of the blue. My favourite is when she holds my face in her little hands and says "i love you mommy". Melts my heart! We have had the house all to ourselves since October. Tomorrow, Angela's dad, his girlfriend, and her grandmother are returning from portugal for a while. I think Ang said that currently they are planning to stay until late April or early May. Her dad requires another surgery on his back side, and wants to go back to portugal to have it done. I guess they have told him the wait there for the surgery is less than the wait would be here. We're hoping that we can talk him into getting a new hot tub. I really didn't think I would be a plan of the hot tub. I am though, It really helped my back. The days after I would spend some time in the hot tub, were the best sleeps I have had in a long time and I would wake up without a sore back. I guess though, that if we do decide to get pregnant any time soon, the hot tub would no longer be a benefit to me. I suppose I could keep the temperature down in the summer and use it as a refreshing pool on the hot days. That could be nice. Speaking of babies, I'm hoping it is in the near future. Angela agrees. I'm getting older, Maizey is getting older, we all feel like it is time now. We haven't made any solid plans as to when to start trying, but our agreement has been set in place, I am just editing it, and then we will sign it. Our donor has already set up an appointment with his doctor, For all of the general sexual health things. He's married, and I trust them both, so it's not like I am worried about anything being an issue. This month I started POAS on the ovulation test sicks. It looks like I ovlulated. I'm also watching what I eat, trying to shed a few lbs, and just take better care of myself in general. I'm getting pretty tired, so I think I am going to go put myself to bed. Angela is watching the Oscars so I'm sure she'll be putting herself to bed when it's over. I'll hog the bed until she comes lol. Nice.