Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maizey GAGa.

We've been trying Maizey on some purees since she turned 6 months, maybe a little bit earlier, because the doctor told us to. First we tried meat, but she gagged, and it smelled terrible (pre-made baby food) so we skipped meat. Although the doctor told us to do meat first, we just went to veggies. She liked the pre-made sweet potatoes, and carrots, but won't eat a lot. We've since tried the different fruit. She will eat it mixed with her cereal, and will eat some banana and pears on their own. She is just picky i guess because sometimes she will eat them sometimes she won't.
She LOVES to eat the foods she is not supposed to eat. Like off our plates.. sometimes we squash it all up until it is mushy and let her try some. I know, not the best idea, because of allergies etc, but she eats it that way.
Today, I tried making some homemade sweet potato. She gagged. I don't understand. I am worried that she won't eat solids. I am trying to keep the thought that she will eat when she's ready. She does love the cereal though, but again will only eat it when she is the right mood.
I will just keep trying her with foods, to see if she will get use to it.
Funny thing, she will eat crackers, no problem.
She's been drooling up a storm, but still no teeth. I think it's coming though, her gums are all hard.

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