Sunday, February 16, 2014


Maiz is in the tub right now. What a fantastic time for me to write a post. I'm currently at 5 DPO. I have nothing more than that to share. I don't have anything out of the ordinary happening to lead me to believe that this is the cycle. I think I am exceptionally calm and totally not neurotic about every little thing that could possibly be interpreted as a symptom of pregnancy. I am hopeful. I figure that this lack of paranoia, hope and over anilitical obsession is mostly due to my delusion that if I'm not pregnant this month, I will be next month. After all, both my previous pregnancies occurred during my March try. I have an unwarranted sense of security that March is my fertile month. There will be lots to consider if this pregnancy doesn't occur in the next few months. My donor is going on a 3 week trip to Thailand in May. Highly unlikely he'll be here for the ovulation that month. Shortly after that, he is moving to Toronto while his husband (maizey's dad) goes to grad school. Although Toronto is a mere hour and a half drive, it will make for complicated timing. It's hard enough stealing a half an hour out of our schedules to meet up for the exchange and we live only 10 min across town. Oddly enough, I'm not yet freaking out about these things. A couple of weeks ago, Angela and Mai were playing around at the bottom of our basement stairs. We recently converted this area to laminate flooring. Well, Maizey slipped and banged her face off the metal edge of the bottom step. The bridge of her nose on the left side to be exact. This resulte in a trip to the ER and two stitches. Poor little Mai. She was a trooper though and Handled everything very well. She now has a tiny scar that we're hoping will dissapear with our persistent application of vitamin E and time. Speaking of time, we registered Maizey for school last week. I was working, but Ange took time off to take her to the kindergarten open house. Maizey is in love with school! I'm sure the novelty will wear off after about a week of going all day every day. But at least she's happy and not afraid. Well gotta go, Maiz was "blowing bubbles" in the tub and had a little accident.