Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maizey News

Maizey is doing fantastic. She hasn't had any more teeth pop through. Just has the three on the bottom still. She has begun to travel. She doesn't "crawl", but more like either "barrel roll" or "bum skooch" around the room, depending on the type of floor. She has figured out how to make a Clicking noise with her tongue, it really is so cute. She also has begun to have conversations. Changing the cadence and tone in her voice as she talks. Some times she "reads" from books. Also very cute. She is eating a lot better and we are down to about 3 bottles a day. She basically skipped baby food. She eats our food, cut into small bits. She likes most everything but isn't a big fan of beef. Her favourite is turkey, followed by chicken. We are hoping that she will have a wide variety of tastes in her food. Her dads are vegetarian and vegan which offers her a nice array of meat alternatives. She has sampled some Greek food, and some Indian food, and is a big fan of both.
She has begun to play independently for longer periods, which you would think would be wonderful for my ability to get things done around the house. Nope! She screams bloody murder any time I am out of her sight. She has finally begun to call me MaaMaa, interchanged with Nana sometimes.
We have an appointment with a daycare tomorrow, this is a woman who works from her home, and is literally a 2 minute walk from my place of work. I am hoping that we will like her and that her price is ok. I am hoping to not have to pay any more that $35 a day.
I just love watching my baby play by herself. Her hair is coming in a little more, but it will be still some time before she has enough to style.
I got a text message from my dad last night. He and my grandfather from Scotland are coming for a visit at the end of October. My baby brother will also be in the area at that time. I'm so excited for Maizey to get to meet her great-grandfather and her uncle. I am hoping too at this time she will get to meet my dads whole family. My grandfather is a little confused about Maizey. He thinks that I got pregnant, and some guy left me with her. He is in his 90s, and I'm not sure anyone has explained to him about Angela. None the less, he loves the name "Maizey".

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grandma's House & Drama

My secret wish came true. My Grandma and Grandpa's home went up for sale. It had an open house yesterday. Angela and I went to have a look at it. It was pretty much just as I remembered it. Only, it was run down. The asking price was way too much. The agent at the open house said that they'd be willing to drop the price substantially. They would have to. The house needs at least $100 000 worth of work put into it. It would make a good flip house. The funny thing was that the actual space of the house and the yard would suit our needs completely. I mean, it would need a pool added,and a lot of stuff inside, like new everything! Maybe even a re- configuration of the bedroom and dining room. Totally workable. It would need a garage built but there is space, and it would also need foundation work and new basement windows, probably a new roof. Really, if I had the money myself, I might go for it. It excites me to think of the possibilities. But at the same time, we aren't looking for something we need to work on. We are looking for a move right in.

We went to a couple other open houses yesterday as well. There were some nice places, but nothing that had us jumping for joy. We saw one with an in law suite in the basement. It was really very nice, but there was a lack of space in the in law suite and not pool. It was also well above the price that Angela's dad has given us to look for.

There has been some drama going on in Angela's family. Her dad is currently in Portugal, and will be back in November. It seems that he has met a woman. A woman that he really likes. Not everyone is happy for him. Angela's oldest sister, is really not happy. She keeps saying that it is way too soon, and that this woman should not be enjoying their mother's things. She keeps bringing up concern that Dad is spending all of the insurance money on her, and that she is wearing all of their mother's gold jewelry. There are even rumours that he has married this woman already. She seems to be trying to get Angela and her other sister to be really angry at their father. She keeps telling them that he is a liar, and that is is lying to their faces etc. She says that this woman is only after his money. He swears up and down that these rumours are not true. He admits that he likes this a lot, and that they are enjoying spending time with one another. He would like to bring her to Canada for everyone to meet, and he hopes that we will all give her a chance.

Angela has been mixed, she has been caught up in the Drama of her sister, but also, she is trying to just stay out of most of it. She says all she can do right now is have faith that her dad is being honest about most things, especially about not being married to her already. She will give this woman a chance. Is she happy that he has met someone this soon after her mother passed? No, but she can't do much about it. Her father has been with someone for 40years of his life, and he is afraid to be alone. If he has found someone he truly enjoys spending time with, than good for him.

There is actually a possibility that this woman would move to Canada and live with us. This is where we are kind of worried. We don't even know this woman. What makes us think we would want to live with her. I guess we will just have to do what feels right. If we have to rent a new place, and wait until we can get our own mortgage to buy a house, then we will.