Thursday, November 14, 2013

TTC stress...

So being back in the world of TTC is hard. All the same stresses are finding me despite having a successful pregnancy. I'm not very optimistic. I'm a google-holic and sometimes it's good but mostly it's so so so not good. I have just entered my two week wait this month. I should find out right before I go to Cuba if I'm pregnant or not. I'm placing bets on not, but know deep down that part of me will hold hope and dissect every last possible symptom just enough to put me in the borderline crazy spectrum.
Here are the factors...
1) got positive OPKs

2) timed the inseminations perfectly with the "the three most fertile days" according to my opk instructions.
3) had some ovulation cramping on the right side and a small amount of spotting, which I have read can be a huge sign of fertility.
4) lots of other fertile signs such as really good ewcm.

Negatives ...
1) donor had been sick shortly before making his contributions and this could cause poor sperm count and motility.

2) would have liked to squeeze in one more insemination, but just couldn't coordinate it due to schedule conflicts.

3) Google- always has a negative for every positive... It is possible to have positive OPKs and still not actually ovulate. (I worry this is my issue... Not that I never ovulate, but that I don't except for rare months... Track record shows extra dark test lines on opk when I actually did become pregnant)

All I can do is wait it out.

I can ask my doc for blood tests to confirm ovulation... But last time he sent me on day 14 of my cycle to test for the hormone post ovulation, but generally I don't detect ovulation until after cycle day 17 or 18 as I have a 31-32 day cycle. Oh ya... Another thing... What's with my period coming 3-4 days early on months that I've inseminated? Super weird.

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