Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cranky Days

I don't know what is up with Maizey these days. She is especially cranky.
Tuesday was an especially hot day here. It was 29C (84F) but because of humidity, it felt like 37C (98.6F). Considering it has been raining for two weeks straight, we were happy with the warm temperatures. Maizey and I spent the day at my friend's house, it was her day off of work, and she is a sun worshiper. While she sat under the sun, we sat under the sport-brella. (We are not sun worshipers). Maizey was surprisingly content with this. I think she was just enjoying the fresh air and the different (not in the house) view. After about 3 hours, she became too hot and too cranky, so my friend took Maizey in her son's blow up pool. I didn't think she'd like it much because it is much colder than her bath, but she did like it. She loved it in fact. She was splashing around and talking up a storm. After that, it was time for us to go home, so I packed her up into her infant carrier car seat and went home. All of the fresh air and swimming excitement must have wore her out. She had a two and a half hour nap. Usually she only naps for about half hour at the most.

Yesterday she was cranky all day. I am thinking it is either, she was too hot, or gassy, or introducing new foods is causing the crankiness. The other thing is teeth. I still can't see or feel any, but she is six months now, so it is likely. She really wasn't happy with anything yesterday. She was quite gassy, and pooped 3 times, which is more than usual. I tried everything to make her happy, but nothing worked. Here she is in her exersaucer just before a melt down.

It's been a long and hard couple weeks. Angela has been working 12h days for the past week and a bit. Normally I would not encourage this, as I like to have time for us to spend as a family, and be together, but vacation time is coming up, and we could use the extra cash. By the time she gets home at night, I am ready for bed. Man, I feel like I am ready for bed now.

Today, she was offered some overtime, but she just couldn't do it. She misses us too much. She was looking forward to coming home at 1 to be with us, and so she declined. That's ok with me. The thing is, Maizey is going with her dad this afternoon for a while. So it won't be family time after all. It's ok though, I am looking forward to some much needed couple time. We've been seeing a marriage and family therapist for a while, to keep our relationship in check, as we don't always communicate that great with one another, and she would definitely approve of this time.

I don't know, I guess a lot of people wouldn't really want to talk about seeing a Therapist. I think it comes with the connotation that something is wrong in your relationship. But I guess we see her as more of a prevention, before something goes wrong in our relationship. I mean, Yes, there are things that have caused much stress on the two of us in the past 6 months (baby, mom's sick, mom dying, mom almost dies, lack of support from people we thought we could count on, a trip for a funeral etc.), that we have discussed. There are also more intimate things that have created stress on our relationship for longer periods, things that we just can't seem to work out between the two of us, things that are dwelled upon and we need help with that. We need someone from the outside to help with those things. Maybe I will get into that more another day. It is a post I have been considering for a long time. I guess though, I want to appear as though we live in this perfect little world, and have a perfect relationship, so it is hard to actually put it down here.

In a week, we will be back to Toronto for some child free couple time. Maizey's Papa will be babysitting overnight while Angela and I along with some friends go to the NKOTB BSB concert. Yes, we're crazy. LOL. We've decided to stay the night in a hotel and make a mini couple night out of it. Our seats at the concert suck, but it should be a good time anyway.
I contemplated using the iron on t-shirt decals from my many concert programs from back in the day to make some stylin new t-shirts, but changed my mind.

I think I could go on an on today. But, I will stop here for now, and save some for another day.


Teaberry said...

I see a therapist, too! I think it's vital... And smart!

Crankiness is no fun-- I bet it was all that, teeth, heat, gas... Yuck!

Stacey said...

Therapy is great. Angele has one.

All couples need help. lol. Seriously--we have all probably been there. Life is never perfect.

Hope she's less cranky soon.

You should all come up for the Pride BBQ...would be great to meet her.