Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dying to post...

I've wanted to write here for a long time now, but haven't really had the time. There's just been too much going on.
Maizey's been sick nonstop with something or another for a month now. She had fifths then a cold then an ear infection then croup then another ear infection and a chest infection! Ugh it's been rough. For her and for us.
Maizey will normally sleep in her own bed, no problem, but when she's sick she eventually makes her way to our bed. I wouldn't mind if she would just lay between us, but she doesn't. For some reason, she has to lay as close to me as possible and eventually she somehow manages to push my pillow onto the nightstand and I end up sleeping with my body half falling off the bed and my head on the pillow on the night stand. This makes for an uncomfortable sleep. I'd go sleep in her room but she'd just find me there and the same thing would happen. She's got it in for me with sleeping I think.
She still frequently has night terrors and it's hard. It's so painful to see her seemingly in so much distress and not being able to do anything for her.
My cycle this month has been way off. Generally I'm pretty regular at around 30 days, but this cycle I never detected ovulation. I was showing some signs last week, which was a week or so later than expected but never got an actual positive opk. Going by my regular cycle I was expecting my period yesterday. Never came. I'm assuming it'll come next week. That would put it 2 weeks after my near positive opk. Because of the weirdness, we didn't do any inseminations. Well we did one or two the week leading up to my expected fertile time, but that's it.
So I'm hoping next cycle is the lucky one. Looking back over my charts from successful years, I got pregnant the month after a weird cycle.

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