Friday, October 25, 2013

Potty Training

It's not going too well yet. Two pees on the floor none in the potty.
I have today and the weekend off. Here's hoping it works out.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Angela, Maizey and I spent thanksgiving weekend at my dad's house up north. We had a really great time.
Of course, I started to get some signs of ovulation while I was there. About a week before I usually ovulate. Ugh! Frustrating. No OPKs and no donor. I did text my donor and put him on stand by as he wasn't expecting us to need him until around the 18-20. Needless to say, I tested as soon as we got home on Monday. My OPK was negative. I was just hoping I didn't miss it. I tested again on Tuesday and got this:

I guess I could count that as a positive, but now I'm back to indecisive. Ange and I were out doing some shopping so I picked up a digital OPK, knowing that it would take the guess work out of it. As soon I we got home, I tested again using a non digital and got a Definite negative. I didn't waste a digital, we went ahead with an insemination about an hour later. I'm hoping the timing is ok and that I didn't miss anything. I'm hoping to squeeze in more frequent tests next month. Like several a day.
Why is it so frustrating?
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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Sometimes I love my job even more.
Ok, really... I LOVE my job on an ongoing basis. I honestly can't imagine going to work anywhere else.
Sure there are some days that are better than others but all around, I can't complain.
Today I love my job even more.
It has been confirmed that I will be accompanying a lady on her vacation to Cuba this December. How lucky am I?! Amazing. Two of the people I provide support for have planned a trip to Cuba, and my friend and co-worker and I will be accompanying them for a week long stay at an all-inclusive resort.
I will miss my family while I'm gone, but duty calls.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Just a quick update. Nothing new is going on these days. We're in the midst of getting estimates to have our kitchen remodeled. It's number one on our list of things we want to do in the house. This of course led us to wanting to redo the living-room/kitchen/dining floors completely as they would all need to match with kitchen remodel. A couple other things from the list are a new screened in back deck, (Ours currently has a 9'x10' hole in it from where the hot tub came out), my next item is a pool (Ange wants a pool too but not as badly as I do), remodel of basement bathroom, a couple of sheds (I think we have decided on pre-fab) a few updates for the upper bathroom and maybe a custom closet in our room (we have a full wall closet but no doors on it) and possibly a new fence, but Ange's dad has been working on ours and it's looking pretty good now.
It's hard to coordinate getting these estimates because of our schedules. Ange is supposed to be on a regular schedule now, but it hasn't happened yet. I was hoping to have a new kitchen in by Maiz's birthday in November but it's obviously not going to happen. Christmas? Maybe.
The other problem we're having is that we can't do the deck until after the pool because we'll need the space where the current deck is to be open and clear for the pool machines.
Here's what I'm thinking for the deck...

Here's the yard a few weeks ago... Ang's dad trimmed all the vines etc off the fence... He's done further work since

I'll try to remember to do before, during and after updates IF we get to any of the projects on our lists.

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