Thursday, March 22, 2012

Want or Need?

When does something you want become something that you need?
I'm talking about moving. For the longest time we've wanted to move. We've been waiting for Angela's dad to decide what he is doing. We're running out of patience. Mostly because we now feel that we NEED to move. We are tired of where we live, but some things have happened to change that. Last evening I spent the night first listening to a man threaten my next door neighbours with a sawed off shot gun, then throw rocks through their windows. We then spent the rest of the evening listening to police radios from the three police vehicles that were called to the scene.
This morning, I heard an all out fight, I guess the neighbour punched a guy in his face. He was bleeding and she was crying about hurting her hand.
The fact is, it has gone from being annoying disturbences (loud radios, smoking, domestic arguments) to full out violence. We don't feel safe, nor do we want to raise our child in this type of neighbourhood. We need to get out of there and soon!

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