Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ugh... Think I'm getting a cold.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I was also coughing quite a bit while I showered. Now I just feel that I have no energy and I keep sneezing. My sinuses are stinging and my ears are itchy and ringing. Lucky for me I don't have to get up too early for the next while. I'm looking forward to sleeping in.
Something I noticed today. I have some come and go pain in the area of my left ovary. Hmmm.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Suprised by the snow fall today

I hate thinking of titles for my posts. Monday today, CD 3 ? Ya who knows with the way my period has been. Saturday I finally got my regular flow. It has been so weird, seems pretty off. Know what I did? I took out my old calendar charts from last year and reviewed them. It turns out that my period is mimicking last year month by month almost exactly. It seems as though all the things that have me frantically searching the internet for theories to run by my doctor all occurred last year in this exact same pattern., only a month later. Going by this logic I should get pregnant in April. Lol. I am still going to run my theories by the doctor anyway. He's going to think I am nuts. :) doesn't matter, I just need to know. Don't you just hate the Internet for how easy it is to find too much information from god only knows what source. I just don't know what to trust anymore. My instinct? It's not even that reliable.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


99% period 1% preg.

Quick update...

12 DPO today... I had some pink and brown spotting yesterday and some AF like cramps. Today.. the brown spotting is continuing a small amount and I am still getting AF like cramps. There are also some weird abdominal cramps that aren't consistent with my usual AF cramps. 90% of me is sure I am getting my period, but 10% still holds out hope for a pregnancy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ticker is Wrong.. its only 11DPO today.

Today is 11 DPO. This two week wait has been full of hope, a loss of hope, more hope, and I will wait 3 more days.
Angela wants me to take a HPT even if I get my period. I will do so, if she would like me to. A friend of ours' sister was pregnant and still got full on periods.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Question #3 -elaboration ... Where did Angela go on our first real date.

So, we decided that Ange would come to st.catharines
for the real date. First she showed up to pick me up from a friend's house because I was house/cat sitting. She looked different than her pictures and different from how I remembered her looking at bowling. (of course she did, I hardly looked at her that time). We decided that I would take her for a drive around to show her around where I live. We drove for hours. We talked the whole time. Around dinner time, we went to the local SwissChallet for dinner. We dined on our quarter chicken meals and talked some more. After the meal, Ange asked me if I would like dessert. I declined, as she had offered to pay, and I didn't want to run up the bill. She ordered chocolate mousse with two forks. The reason we laugh about that date now is because I ate most of her mousse. She tells the story as if I were a starving lion eating a fresh kill. Lol. It didn't seem that way to me at all. After dinner, we went back to the house I was cat sitting at and talked until I had to leave for work (I was working night shifts back then). We hugged goodbye. And set up another time to get together again. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question #3- How did Angela and I meet?

ok, Keep in mind, I am not a very good story teller.
Well very early in my coming out days (I think I was probably around 22 or 23 years old by then) I had told my one friend Joanna,(she was straight and I had 'the' feelings for her) that I thought that I was a lesbian(I knew I was a lesbian). She said to me .. "oh my friend (Whitney) from university is a lesbian, I'll get her to email you so that you guys can talk about stuff and then you won't feel like no one gets what you are feeling"... We got in contact with one another. Through many conversations etc, we got to know one another. We termed me as "the bench warmer for the team" because I was really not that interested (or ready) to have a relationship with a woman. This friend of mine dated a few women, and I would hang around with them etc. My other friends were very supportive as well.
Well, Whitney fell in love. With Courtney. Courtney, Whitney and I would hang out a couple of times. Little did I know that Courtney's best friend from high school was also a lesbian. A lesbian that was single and looking. Courtney then showed Angela some pictures of me, and Angela loved my dark curly hair. One day, while I was conversing with Courtney on MSN, she brought Angela into the conversation and then suddenly had to "go". Angela and I talked for a while. And became friends over MSN and email. At this point, Angela was safe for me because I wasn't ready for anything, and she lived in New Jersey, working for family. We continued to keep in touch and I really started to like her.
Eventually she moved back to Canada, and we decided to meet. My friend Joanna and Courtney were taking a woman's study course together and planned a night of bowling. I was so full of anxiety. This meeting could change my life forever. During the bowling and through the coffee afterwards, Angela and I barely looked at one another, both shy and awkward. After that, we decided that if we were going to really get to know one another we should hang out together alone. She drove to my city and took me on a real date. We laugh about that date now, but have been together ever since. Coming up on 8 years this April.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thats It?

That's all the questions that I get? Two questions? sheesh.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Question #2 - how many children do we want? Will I carry them all? Are Angela and I married, if not do we plan on marrying?

Right at this point in time, Angela and I would like one child. Maybe eventually two. Our plan is for me to carry any children that we have. Angela really has no desire to experience being pregnant. She would however carry children if for some reason it turns out that it is an impossibility for me. I have always wanted to experience pregnancy and am very excited that we are trying hard to make this happen at this point in our lives.
Angela and I are not married. Well common law I suppose, but not legally. We do talk about getting married some day. Meaning signing the papers and declaring our commitment to one another in the presence of friends and family. We wouldn't like anything big and fancy just a simple ceremony up north one summer. We are committed to a lifetime together. There are a few things in the way of an official wedding. First, we don't want to acquire any further debt to have our wedding. Secondly, Angela has never officially come out to her parents. We are certain that they know and even accept it in their way (and without discussing it outwardly). Angela's mom has at one point said (while on some heavy pain killers during a stay in the hospital for the cancer) that she loves Angela, but that she wouldn't attend her lesbian wedding. Angela at this point isn't ready to have a wedding without her mom.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Question 1 - do we ever feel like the floor crawling and what is our stradedgy for coping and what do we love about our townhouse.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what is meant by the floor is crawling. We do not allow our dogs to go to the upper level of our home. Upstairs is carpeted and the dogs love to dig at the carpet. Also, they keep us up at night by jumping on and off the bed or generally taking up to much room. Another dirty habit they have is eating the bathroom garbage, the only bathroom is on that floor of the house. Our living area is all fake hard wood. This is the place the dogs spend much of their time. If by crawling, you mean all hairy and yucky? We just swiffer all the time sometimes twice a day. Only one of our dog sheds and the cat does. We have leather furniture to keep the hair easier to clean up. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to have no pets and no hair. as for what we love about our townhouse... There really isn't that much. We thought that moving here would be great. It is much nicer with the space compared to our tiny apartment for basically the same rent. The thing is though, the neighbourhood isn't great, people don't take pride in their yard etc. We often hear the neighbours yelling a their children or at one another through the wall or from out side. We have recently found out there is a wild coyote in the area and I have been stalked by it while walking my dogs so am afraid to go out with them for a walk after dark. A grow op got busted across the way due to a fire in the unit. We do like the yard for letting the dogs out on their own, and I like that we can and do have our own laundry machines. Basically, we are going to stay here until we pay off some debt and can manage a mortgage and our own house. This place will do, if nothing else, it is entertainment (sometimes at 3 am).
I hope that I have answered well enough, or if I have missunderstood the question please feel free to clarify.
Thanks for the question!

Two week wait has begun.

Ok, I'll borrow the two week wait game from other blogs that I read. I will open up to reader questions for the next while. I am however worried that no one will ask anything. Ask me anything!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I finally detected an LH surge on my OPK. We insemmied last night and the past 3 days. We unfortunately can't do tonight but will do 7 in the morning tomorrow. Crossing my fingers but not my legs. Ha ha.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Am a lucky lady.

I'm just laying here warming up my insemi tools and thinking about what a lucky lady I am to have my donor. I mean I get to lie in my own cozy bed and he comes over to my house and does this multiple times a month. I don't have to drive any where or pay any money and basically he never complains. I appreciate my friend, my donor, my family that I got to pick.

Maybe the Ticker is right

Ok.. so still no positive OPK and still no cervical mucous. WTF. Maybe the ticker is right and it will be tomorrow. Lets hope... My poor donor is going to kill me if he has to do this for another week. I hope I ovulate this month. That would suck. Losing 10 lbs, and not eating sugar and all I get is no ovulation.