Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, So we had a really really good time at the cottage. First I will share the not so good events that occurred, to get them out of the way.
I got a message on Monday night that my very good friend Darla's father passed away suddenly on Saturday. That was not a good message, and of course I thought that Rae was playing a nasty really bad practical joke on me. Not the case. It was all true. I would have returned home to support Darla at the Funeral on Wednesday, but she told me not to.
Also... Once we returned home, we went to Angela's parents to pick up our dogs... Well Angela's mom sat her down and proceeded to tell her that she has cancer. Yep. She has had a very sore shoulder for almost 8 months now, and they have finally found that it is a tumor, and that she has Multiple Myeloma. So we will be praying that that all comes out ok, as it is a very treatable form of cancer as long as it is found in early stages.
Enough of the bad news though, on with the fun.
I don't really know what to say other than it was very relaxing and such a nice cottage.
We spent some time on the dock once we got there and the water and view were both beautiful. The water was so clear it was just striking. This is (left to right) me and Courtney and Melissa on the Dock unwinding after a long drive.
After we relaxed a bit, we headed out to the nearest large town to do a bit of grocery shopping and pick up our Liquor for the week. We knew there would be no way to avoid going back to the town, because every year we forget to pick something up and end up going back.
Once we returned, we spent some time unpacking etc. Courtney and Melissa went for a canoe ride, and Ang and I just sat and relaxed.
Oh, my description of the week will not do it justice though, It was so much nicer than I can make it sound.
Most of the vacation we took turns cooking and cleaning up, although Melissa liked cleaning up all the time (so she said) and none of us were about to stop her.
The second night we were there, Courtney got a call that her sister-in-law was in labour, so Courtney and Melissa went back to Hamilton to meet Courtney's very first Niece. (she is a beauty). And returned at 5:30 am. While they slept, Ang and I headed out to the main city to pick up those things we forgot. Once we returned, the girls were up and ready for another day of doing nothing.
We spent some time trying to fish, with no luck. Courtney used a minnow that she had caught off the dock and managed to catch a very small little fish out in the middle of the lake, but that was it for our fishing career. We kept trying all week though with no avail.
We did have a camp fire almost every night, but every time we attempted to relax around the fire, we kept coming down with a bad case of the WAPS. (wild animal paranoia syndrome) This could be mostly because the first evening we sat around the fire, a wild animal walked right past us.. I am talking within 3 feet of us. We couldn't really tell what it was because it was so dark, but we have come to the conclusion that it must have been a fox. It was too small to be a dog, and too big to be a rabbit (ANG!) but it was shaped like a dog sort of, but more slender and shorter. I didn't see it's colour, but Angela said she saw that it was red. So we are going to go with FOX. Courtney kindly brought up that it could have come so close to us because it was being chased by a bear, and this is what caused us to get the WAPS.
Needless to say each night after the bad case of the WAPS set in, it wasn't long before we were going into the cottage for the night.
We did spend some time playing Guitar Hero, I game I swore I would never play because I am not coordinated enough, but I did get rather good at it. Well good at it on the easiest setting, and even then the harder songs I wasn't great at. Oh well it was fun.
<--This is Ang trying out the Guitar. We also spent some time reading on the dock, and in the gazebo, eating our meals each night in the gazebo was nice too. I would definitely go back to that cottage. It was very family friendly. My friends and I aren't party animals so it really was a good cottage for us. I couldn't help but think about having kids and taking them up there for a week in the future. Speaking of having kids, I have begun peeing on my O sticks for the first time. I am very worried that I won't even get a positive. But I guess it is better to know so that I can see my physician and get it all straightened out sooner than later. Our KD agreement isn't complete yet. We have sent our amendments, and are waiting to see the new agreement. So, lets hope for an October start!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Back!
After a long day yesterday we finally got back fromt he cottage. I will definaltely post more later, but right now, I have to concern myself with the mountains of laundry I have left to do.
I will post some pics and tell all about the trip in a bit, when I am more organized.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Only 5 Days now...

Yay.. only 5 more days until vacation time!! Sweet.
I know that all this excitement will soon turn into dissapointment becasue I will be here sitting at this computer, typing all about the vacation, and it will be over. That is how I always am. I make this big thing about going away, and then, get all bummed out when I get home.

I cleaned the apartment today. I want to try to keep it all clean before we go away so that when we come back, It will be a nice clean place to come back to.

I don't even know what we are doing with the cat. We could send it to my mom's house for the week, she said she would take him. Or I want to try to get my friend Kristin to watch him. I know she won't want to stay here because she has been house sitting all summer and is looking forward to being back at her own house. But maybe she will just come and spend some time here with poor lonely Murray.

I have been looking over the KD agreement, over and over and over. . . I think I am going cross eyed. LOL... My next move is to write down any questions we have legally and send them off to our friend, who works for a family lawyer, so that she can tell us what legally has to be included in this thing. I wish I knew more people who have been down the KD road, and could share some insight with me. I am a generous, naive person, who can easily get taken advantage of, but this is one situation I don't want that to happen.

Ok, I have to get going.. finish making dinner..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK, It is only 8 days until I leave to go to the cottage. I have to work for only 4 of those days... Tomorrow, and the first three next week.
I can not wait! Gawd! I hope the weather is good. Normally I would be freaking out by now, because I usually have to have a million lists of everything so that I feel organized, but this year... NADDA! I am just going with it this year. I will pack what I think I need, and if I miss something, I'll make do. :) And I will wing it at the grocery store too... Usually I have a very detailed list of everything I am going to cook, and eat while on the cottage vacation, but I think that just runs the bill up, because I end up getting everything on the list, and then... everything else that looks good. This year.. I am going to just get what looks good, and hope it is enough for at least the week. :) Despite this week being the longest week ever, I am in a wonderful mood. This is also strange because I was all Days this week. You know how I Love/Hate days.

I haven't yet decided what I will be drinking at the cottage, well you know.. drinking drinking lol... I am thinking Beer, casue you have to have Beer, maybe a good old "red eye" and then, not sure.. maybe some slushy Vodka drinks. I make good ones! And maybe then some Baylies just in case it is cold or wet some days/nights, I can make some Coffee/Hot Chocolate drinks :) Anyone have any suggestions?

This could possibly be my last week for drink drinks for the next while if everything works out.

Might be cutting it close though, so I highly doubt that this cycle will work. We have been having some issues with the donor agreement. Anyone out there been through it all with a known donor? It is our hope that we can have the child recognise the Donor as the father, but not in any legal way. He is good with that BTW. We have a good friend who knows the law, but has been busy, helping us out and then we just go to the lawyer to get everything signed. Lets hope it works.
I got my O sticks in the mail yesterday... I hope they work.. (really I hope I work lol)

HAPPY (belated by a day) BIRTHDAY to Elizabeth!!! Yay...