Friday, January 30, 2009

Dark Pink

I just needed to say I am having very good feelings about this month and our TTC attempts. I peed on two sticks today and got two pink lines on the first one.. about the same shade.. and on the second one, I got a test line that was way darker than the control line.
I think we are going to do the insems tonight, tomorrow, sunday, and possibly monday .. just in case.
Lets hope its our lucky month... or day.. as we are moving too to a house we love!
Just very excited. ...
I'm off to buy a dirty magazine to help the donor a little.. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feels like home to me.

My friend Michael and I went to "measure windows" in the new place today. It is even better than I remember. I am getting so very excited about the move. We got all new flooring put in. Laminate in the Living room, industrial tile in the kitchen and dinette, and all new carpet in the bedrooms and stairs leading up to the bedrooms. Also, we are getting a new stove, and I'm not too sure about the refrigerator, I am kind of hoping we get a new fridge because the old one looked pretty skanky, but it was plugged in, so to me, that means that we aren't getting a new one.
The kitchen cupboards are all new, and the kitchen counter as well.
It feels like home to me already. I can't wait to get our stuff there, and organized ..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can we just skip a week?

I am just wondering if we can skip to next Saturday. I am tired of waiting to move. I just want to be in the new place... then, when we're finally in the new place, I know we'll just want to be settled. I'm never happy :P

We had a pretty good weekend, although it started out a little crazy. I usually like to do our laundry on the Friday before our weekend off. Just to have it done, and have nothing to worry about over the weekend. So, usually I have no problems, I come home from work at 3pm and start my Laundry. There are 3 machines so it usually only takes me about 3 hours to do six loads. Well for some reason this Friday, there was a war to try to use the machines. It seemed like everyone in the building was trying hard to do their laundry that day. I even heard one person comment about how I'd left my laundry in there to wait for the machines (We live across the hall from the laundry room, so I was planning on going to do it as soon as I heard someone open the door.. )as if it was rude.. I heard her say something like... "hmmm you think you can just leave your laundry here and you're automatically next, well I don't think so." She entered the laundry room at the same time as the person who was just finishing with the machines. We did finally manage to get our hands on two washers though, and finished up. It wouldn't have been as bad if they didn't lock the room at night.

Yesterday, we went to a curling tournament. I didn't curl, but I watched angela do it. She's so funny when she curls. She falls every year. And every year her best friend's mom is there to take a picture when it happens...

Today, we spent the afternoon at my cousin's engagement party. It was a really nice party.
Now, we are just arranging the things for the move. Getting organized so we know what still needs to be done.
I'm Exhausted!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two weeks from today is the Move day. I went and took the first of Feb off and I am working on Jan 31, but now we have decided for two reasons to do the move on the 31 of Jan. One, they need our apartment we are in right now to move in one of the people who were affected by the fire, and two, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. No one wanted to help on Super bowl Sunday. It's ok. We went and paid the last amount of rent that we owed (now we have two full months paid at the new place) and found out that we will be getting our keys on Jan 30, because no one will be working in the office on the day of our move.
We are going next week to "measure the windows" . That is just our excuse, we are really going to just have a look around to make sure they are doing a good job on the renovations, and that we aren't going to end up in a dump. If we feel somethings not up to standards, we'll let them know.
I was packing like a mad woman again yesterday. I think I packed probably about 25 boxes alone yesterday. I also ended up with 3 large bags of garbage, and I sorted out some stuff that we had left all mixed up and messy from our last move. But still, there are those things that I just don't know how or when or with what to pack. You know.. Like I just know I am going to end up with a few boxes of just random stuff... stuff that I will probably keep in boxes and not look at until the next time I move... but for some reason have to keep.
Its not like I am a massive pack rat, but there are some things that I just need to keep because I feel like if I throw them away, the next day is the day that I will need it. I hate when that happens.
I am getting excited amongst the stress though.
If my calculations are correct, I think it will probably be right around the move, the next time I ovulate. That should make for some interesting timing...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fertility Specialist

I went to an information session last night for women with PCOS. It was geared toward the GLBTQ population. There was a lot of useful information presented, as well as some medical discussion, that was hard to follow. There were 3 doctors and a counsellor on the panel. Two of the three doctors were specialists in fertility and pcos. And the other was a naturopathic practitioner, who also works closely with people who have pcos.
After the presentation and question period were over, I had a chance to speak to one of the fertility specialists. We discussed a little bit about my situation, and she feels that at this time I don't have too much to worry about because the OPKs seem to be working fine for me and that it sounds as though I ovulate pretty regularly.
I told her about the weirdness of this past cycle, and she said that it is probably just an off cycle, and not to worry unless it continues to happen every month.
It was nice to get an expert opinion, and even nicer that she sounded very positive about my situation.
I'll just keep trying. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Womanhood... (lots of lady information)

I don't know what's up. My Dr. Did the pap two weeks ago. Then I had some slight bleeding for the past two weeks, and now, I have my actual period. This morning... I had overflowage. Lots of it. And Pain pain pain. I have to change my lady products every two hours cause they are just saturated. YUCK. I know sorry about the TMI, but I need to vent.
I hope that this is just a fluke, I have more blood work next Monday...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get out of Town!

Angela and I decided to come to London ON, to visit with our good friends. The same couple we went to the cottage with. We always have a lot of fun hanging out with them. I am lucky that way because with all of my good friends, I have no problem just being myself. Its nice to be able to just come down and not have the stress. We left the dogs to be babysat. Although, we got some bad news on our way down here. It seems that Angela's mom has been admitted to the hospital due to Pneumonia and the terrible complications that it is having with her cancer. They have moved her to isolation, we're hoping that she gets a lot better a lot quicker. It seems that due to the infection, it has given the cancer a chance to spread, and she is at her worst now despite the chemo therapy and radiation treatments. We unfortunately can't even go and visit her in the hospital, because of the isolation and Angela is still fighting a cold.

This afternoon, we went to the market place in downtown London. It is quite a nice large indoor market. We had some DELICIOUS Portuguese food while we were there. MMM.... I love Portuguese food.

After the market, we spent most of the afternoon driving around searching for Sing*Star for the PS2. We were specifically looking for Sing*Star 80s 90s and Pop. We played the Abba and Rocks versions yesterday, but thought that the others sounded much more fun. Of course we couldn't find any of them... so that sucks.

We'll just have to play Guitar Hero tonight I guess.

*** TTC Update
Since I did not ovulate this cycle, I am thinking that My insemination's didn't But here's the issue. I have been spotting ever since my Dr. did the exam two weeks ago, and now I think my whole cycle is screwed up. I have to see him again Tuesday, so I'll let you know what happens.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CALL 911!

Yep, I was extracted from bed last night at 10:30pm by Angela, who can stay up much later than I can every night. It seems the Apartment building across the parking lot from us' fire/smoke alarm was going off. People were flooding out of the building yelling call 911. This is when we realized, that this, unlike every single other time, was the actual event. The building was on fire. We ran out our patio door to see what we could see. Fire trucks kept pulling in the the lot, 5 of them. Police, Ambulance, every emergency vehicle you can imagine. At first it didn't seem to be too much of a big fire, but then, we cold see this orange glow emerge from the roof of the building. It was definitely a significant fire.
We put our coats, boots and hats on (winter storm/ice pellets/freezing rain warning last night) and went across the street because we are nosey like that, we made sure to stay well out of the way of anything going on. It seems that one of the apartment units on the top floor (only a 4 story building) was the source of the fire. The bedroom windows were burnt out, the rooms appeared black and there were black stains up to the roof and all the gutters and such were all melted and burned.
We wanted to help, but we didn't know what to do. It was scary, and sad. Sad to think about all those people who had to leave their home in the cold of night, not knowing what would come of things.
There was a city bus on site, for people to sit in to keep warm. One lady sticks out in my mind, she wore only a housecoat and slippers.
I'm hoping that these people are not out of home for too long.
One thing I don't understand is, why after all was done, and fire was out, emergency vehicles gone, was the very loud alarm ringing all night long?
I have some pictures on my cell phone. I might post them later. They aren't that great quality.

*****See the story in the paper here!*****
***Updated Story***

Monday, January 5, 2009


So, I've been packing for the past little while at home. I guess I want to make sure that I am on top of everything. Most of the time when I move, I have a week off of work. Well this year I used up all my vacation time already, so I only have one day left. One precious day. I don't get any more until April. And I can't call in sick, because everyone knows I am moving that day. I am hoping to take February 1 off because that is the day of our move. I am wondering if we may be able to get the keys to the new place a day early. When we originally asked about moving in early, we were told that we would have to pay a pro-rated amount for the number of days we wanted in early. We figure it won't be too expensive to get it one day early. We can move a number of boxes etc with our cars, and then rent the truck on the first, and do the major furniture.
Argh... It is frustrating just thinking about it, but I don't know why I worry, everything gets done.
We had to go out the other day to get a new washer and dryer. Yay.... our own laundry machines. Awesome! I can't wait to do laundry after 9:30pm just because I can.
I am so excited about the new place.
Angela and I scored a used couch... (ya I know used .. yucky, but we own a steam cleaner.. pets you know, and can clean it up a bit, plus we know where it's coming from) for $20 for our basement room. The room I intend on putting the X-box in. As well, we managed to score a sweet retro lamp as well... totally FREE. I'll post some pics of it when we get all settled in.
The only things I have to do now, are contact the cable company to transfer our service to the new address, and rent the truck. I already got us all set up for the Utilities etc. I hope that I'm not forgetting anything..
The only other thing is we have to build a gate on our new back fence, it doesn't come with one, and low and behold it is the only unit in the whole complex that doesn't have one. Man.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The call

Well, the Dr Called me yesterday afternoon. It seems I did not ovulate this month. My progesterone levels were quite low he said. He also mentioned that if I have gotten positive results on my OPKs that I am probably ovulating intermittently. I have appointment to go back and see him on the 13th. I think I am going to take a friend with me (Angela's working or I would take her) just to make sure I ask all the questions I want to, and to help gather all the information I can.
I am not to worried about it at this point. I would just like to get it all worked out soon.
My donor has gone to Dominican Republic for his sister's wedding, lucky guy! Maybe when he gets back I will get tanned spermmies. LOL :P
Oh.. I also found out that my Dr use to work at a Fertility Clinic, so I am sure if anything is going on with me, he'll have ideas on how to fix them. I am feeling very positive about this experience, that had originally had me feeling negative.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Something I said... *warning, maybe TMI in this Post

Last week I said I was off until today and that it's Awesome! LOL..
I would just like to report that I am working today.. and it's not so Awesome.

But I also have to say that with the new year, I have gained some motivation for some things. . .
1) I am going to lose 10 to 15 lbs to help with the baby-making process. (lets see how long this lasts)
2) Although I didn't feel much like cooking dinner at 7am this morning, I did it anyway. (It is my Job after all) :P
3) Also, As much as I was planning my "nap" for after work, as soon as I got up this morning, I still took some chicken breast out of the freezer with intentions to actually cook for Ang and I tonight.
4) Here's lookin' at you Kid
5) I like making lists
6) Enough already... lol

I thought of something this morning. A little background information about my fertility that I seemed to have left out. (Hence the minor health issues last week)
So.. I have never actually heard my Doctor say the phrase "you have PCOS", but I suspect that I must and he just opted never to say that. Maybe it is some kind of protection for him, just in case his diagnosis is wrong.
A few years back, I went to see him due to very heavy and painful menstruation, also, I was having a problem with a lot of random breakthrough bleeding and/or spotting. So.. he checked me all out. He checked me for darker skin in my arm pits, he checked me for excess "male pattern" hair growth (I only have a little extra on my face, but I do my best to wax and tweeze), he asked me questions about my period, I charted for months for him, he also tested my fasting insulin levels as well as other hormones. As it turned out, I believe my testosterone levels were higher than average, and my fasting insulin was high as well. He prescribed me "Metformin". I took the medication as directed, and before i knew it, I had lost weight, I was no longer spotting between periods, My period was like a dream compared to what I was use to and my cycle was exactly 28 days and I had perfect CM mid cycle. YAY... It was all fixed.
Well... I for some reason (I know it was only because I was too lazy to go back to get a new prescription) I stopped taking the metformin. All chaos broke loose in the land of Karen's girl parts. I went back and begun the regime again. Only, I wasn't as diligent at taking my medication all the time etc. So.. I had some minor bleeding etc between periods. I finally decided that I was going to start TTC in approx 6 months, and cracked down on my med taking, and was very faithful. And have been to this day.. only, I am still having some mid cycle bleeding. Mostly a couple days before my OPKs detect ovulation, and then a few days after.
I am just wondering if maybe I need a boost in dosage. I'll wait for my blood work results to come back, and then I will see my Dr. again for some more advise. I am refusing to get all worked up about it at this point, as it may just be something simple to diagnose and fix.
I'll keep you updated as things go on.
Have a great Day today!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, the first day of the new year! Lets hope that it is a year of dreams coming true. I'm hopeful.

So... update on the insem process. We only did a couple this month. I had a little bit of medical troubles (nothing serious) and had to go see my Dr, and that sort of interfered a bit. I'm glad though that I got to see my Dr, and ask some questions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Doctor! He's so Awesome!
I asked about the mid cycle spotting - he said it is normal... me, I still worry about it, lol. I'm a nut like that.
I asked about the lack in temp spike on my BBT charting - he said, we'd better get a blood test to check my progesterone levels, and see if I am really ovulating... I did mention that I do get positive opk's around the same time every month.
He asked about the technicalities or our home insemination's. "are the donor and i having intercourse?".. Told him about the cup, and syringe. He offered advise about using a bigger syringe, disappeared into the other room, and came back with much larger syringes than we've been using.
He asked about how the syringe is working for us? ... I tell him that the truth is, we do have some trouble figuring out where we need to "put the stuff" and that sometimes it comes right back out... he offered advise on positions, and suggested we try a speculum.
Such a comfortable conversation. It was very nice.
So.. now I just wait to see what happens with my tests. My cycle is regular, but so much about it worries me. I think tho, that is just all part of the trying process.
Lets just hope that if anything is "off", we can fix it quite easily.