Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moving forward.

My mom's doctor confirmed that the spot in her lung wasn't and isn't cancer, as it had shrunk in size in a matter of a week, and cancer just simply doesn't get smaller without treatment of some kind. They've suggested that she just had a really bad case of pneumonia.
On the other hand, she needs to go for a biopsy of a spot they've found on her left breast. A similar thing happened last year and it turned out to be nothing, but they want to be sure. It could simply be a scar from when she had a benign lump removed years and years ago. Keeping the fingers crossed.

We have officially switched back to Maizey's father to be the donor for all future attempts at getting pregnant. We did have 11 attempts With his husband with no luck. It is going to be a little more tricky this go around because of the traveling we will have to do.
We have also contemplated the pros and cons of using an anonymous donor. We haven't completely ruled it out, but are sticking to the known donor for now.

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