Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not working

Ya, so this not working, this not obsessing over the two week wait.
I just got word that our kitchen Reno will be starting on or around May 12. Hooray!
I will hopefully be posting before and after photos.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still at it!

We continue with the ttc journey. Last month was a total bust. Spotting off and on for the whole tww until my period finally came.
I thought this month would be a bust too because it was day 20 with still no signs of ovulation and no + opk. I did get slight spotting at day 19 as well. Well we have been dtd since day 16, missing only one day. I finally got a + opk last night and again this morning.
I just can't think about it anymore. It's getting too stressful.
I'll just follow along month by month and let whatever happens happen.
In other areas of stress, we're in the midst of making the decisions about the kitchen renovation... Cupboards, countertops, lights, backsplash, trim, baseboards etc... So many details. We've picked out all new appliances as well. I just want it to be done. We've also had some estimates for a new deck but haven't heard back on the numbers. I'm hoping we'll have enough left in the budget to also get new bedroom furniture. But that's last on the list.
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