Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm at Lilith in Toronto.

Yay... It seems to have stopped raining!! We're waiting for the big show to start!!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound

I went for my 20 week ultrasound this week. Angela got to come with me. It was so amazing to get to see that tiny little person in there moving around. IT was even moving its mouth and tongue. So cute.
The tech wouldn't tell us the sex of the baby, and said our midwife would. Well Angela got the news from the midwife. They can't say for 100% certainty, because I guess the picture wasn't very clear. The person who wrote the report to the midwife says...... IT's A GIRL? lol..
We aren't going to paint anything pink yet!
Here she is!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Elton John is here at Lady Gaga Toronto !!!!!

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Last minute Gaga

I Managed to
Get last minute lady gaga tickets for Toronto tonight.
I suprised Angela with them!!! I had a friend brag to her that she is going to Gaga tonight. Angela was sooo jealous cause she LOVES Lady Gaga. So I suprised her and said "don't be too jealous, we've got tickets too" !!!! She was so stunned!!! So we're here now having dinner before the concert starts!!

Here are our friends Darla and Murray

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update ...

So, Angela went to her mom and dad's for the family dinner. Mom proceeded to act as though nothing had been said the previous day.
Weird thing... Before Angela shared our news with them, there was talk of them moving to our city and purchasing a home here. We were going to share this home as her parents are unable to do things such as yardwork and also need help with a lot of things due to their illnesses and dissabilities. For example when mom is sick and hospitalized, dad does not know how to do laundry etc. So if they were to live in an inlaw suite where we lived we could do all of these tasks, while benefiting from a nicer home in a better neighbourhood. We would also pay the mortgage payment while they pay utilities only thus saving them money as dad is no longer able to work due to his poor knees. Well the talk was that they would come this Sunday to have a look to see the luxeries their budget could afford them here. I guess that talk continued last night (after I was banned from their home) and mom was rather upset with dad for inviting cousins over on Sunday as she wanted to look at homes. ???? Does she realize that me and our child will be living there too?

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So, Angela told her very european parents last night about the baby. She basically told them that I am pregnant. (Her mom knew I had been pregnant before but lost the baby, at that time they established that I had no boyfriend and had been "injected" to become pregnant). The mom asked if I had been injected again, and Angela told them that there were no doctors and that I had done it with the help of a male friend. Her mom, so funny, said.. "oh she put the syringe in her vagina?". Lol.. Now that they got the technicalities down, Ang went on to further tell them that she was going to be adopting the baby, and that she would be known as one of the mom's. They, said that was nice, but there is nothing like having a biological child, and Angela explained that is not something she desired at this time. She told them about the possibility of naming a boy after her father and he was excited about that. Her mom wanted her to name it after her father (Angela's grandfather). They went on to talk about how these were different times now, and how it's Angela's life to do what she wishes. Ok.. smooth sailing. WAY better than expected. She decided at that moment to tell them also, that things would just be much easier if she got married. Ok.. in comes the storm.
Mom said "married to who?"
Angela "Karen"
Mom "if you do, you will no longer be my daughter.. thats not right etc etc...."
Angela "mom, you are ok about all the baby stuff but not a marriage? what is the difference, what does that change?"
Mom "(no answer)"
Angela leaves the house to give her parents time to think about things... Dad follows Angela out and tells her
"you shouldn't have told her that, you should have just gone and got married in secret and not told us".
Angela explains how she was raised to be honest with her parents and this is her life and she didn't want to hide it from them anymore. And that had she gone and got married and not told them, they would be mad at her, and if she told them, they're mad at her.. so she can't win.
Dad Agrees.
Angela gets some wild crazy texts from her older sister.
Her sister thinks that mom's health is more important that this information and that Angela shouldn't have told her this.
The sister says she will accept that Angela and I are in a relationship, but that she will never recognise or respect us as a "married" couple.
Oh the Drama.
I'll keep you updated.


Angela has a family dinner tonight so she called her mom to make sure she is still welcome. She is... But I am no longer welcome at their house. This has made me more sad than I ever thought it would.

Felt The Pippy Move...

"The Pippy"... Just made that up now.. short for pip-squeek. For the last couple of days, I have been feeling The Pippy move. Just tiny little pings of a flutter. So exciting and makes me smile every time. I can now feel my hard uterus just below my belly button. I have only lost weight since the conception, but have a feeling that will change very soon. My pants are definately tighter, but I don't yet have to wear any maternity things. Soon, I suspect.
6 days until we find out if The Pippy is a boy or a girl. :) We have now decided (I think) upon names but there are still 20 weeks and 5 days left until the EDD, so we shall see if those are real decisions or not. We aren't sharing the names until birth. (except with the doner and his partner, and our closest friends)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thankful for honest people

After our trip to the cottage, Angela and I headed down to London Ontario to visit our good friends for the weekend. On Sunday we decided to go out for lunch. Angela brought the camera. While getting into the car, she got distracted. She placed the camera atop the car. And left it there. It wasn't until hours later that she realized what she had done. She searched the neighbourhood for the camera but couldn't find it. We were convinced that the camera was gone forever. Our good friends went out into the neighbourhood and posted "lost camera" posters. I was sure we'd never get our camera so I asked them to ask that if someone found it that they would at least leave the memory card in their mail box so we could at least have our pictures.
This morning I received a call from our good friend... Someone found the camera and will return it to them this evening!!!! The whole thing! I have new faith in humanity today.

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