Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 weeks

It's two weeks until we get the keys to the new house. The packing isn't going as well as I had hoped it would be at this time. We're making progress, but it just feels so disorganized. We've honestly purged a lot, putting a lot in the dumpster, a lot to good will and even sold some to a second hand store. We've also got a few boxes marked "garage sale" that we'll store in the garage until next spring. The fact that our landlord keeps bringing people to look at the place isn't helping either. We do have until the 31 of October to be out, so it's still a month and a week away.
My mom and I took Maizey for a hair cut yesterday. She really doesn't have much to cut, but she was getting baby mullet. The curls on this baby girl are crazy!

She didn't seem to mind the process, and when it got to the blow drying, she loved it. The women at the salon were calling her a little diva. It's true though, My girl loves her girly girl things!

My mom is doing alright. She has two chemo treatments left, and then it's gong time. At the hospital when you finish chemo, you get to hit the gong! Every time I'm there an I hear it, I tear up.
She's not looking forward to the radiation stage of things. That will start in November and continue 5 days a week for 5 weeks. The doctors assure us that it is not as physically daunting as chemo. She will have to travel an hour each way to the closest hospital that can do the radiation. The same hospital Angela's mom passed away in. It will be a good Christmas this year, as if everything goes according to plan, things will be finished by then. Mom can then start living a normal life again in January, provided radiation does its job.

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Friday, September 14, 2012


So, the show last night was just a little bit AMAZING! Totally have a new respect for this woman. WOW so very inspiring and just WOW! Even with crappy $45 behind the stage "limited view" tickets it was so completely AWESOME!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


She did her first show in Toronto on this tour tonight. I wasn't there.
In February, we got our friend Murray (huge Madonna fan) a ticket for tomorrows concert for his 40th birthday. He was blown away and has been counting down the days since then.
We were lucky to get tickets at all. We kept trying and kept getting the "no tickets available at this time" message. After re-submitting the request about 23 times, it popped up with 2 tickets! We bought them. The plan was that since Darla (Murray's wife) and I went to Jamaica in January, Murray and Ange would go to this concert. Nice. But then I started feeling a bit left out. Even though I'm not a huge huge Madonna fan, this is something I would really like to be at. Sort of a bucket list kind of thing. So back onto the computer I went, only this time I found cheap tickets on purpose. It was almost as hard as finding the better seats($165.00). We got rear stage view $45 tickets for Darla and I. Those same tickets are now for sale on various unofficial ticket sites for $175. I'm glad we decided to be part of this! Like I said I can knock one more thing off my bucket list. That totals 3 items now. We'll get into that another time.
TIFF is also going on in Toronto right now. I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of Rachel.Mcadams! My only celebrity crush! (it's the dimples, they do it for me)
What are some of your bucket list items?

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Could she be ready?

I don't know if it is time or not. But I think Maizey is ready for Potty Training. She has been communicating pee and poo to use for a while now, usually after she goes. When she is at the babysitter she will state POO POO and bring the diaper bag to the caregiver. While we were camping with my friend and her son, he was in potty training mode. She had brought with them a portable potty for traveling. This potty had you hook a plastic bag with absorbent pads in it around a seat instead of an actual "pot" to pee in. Aiden, was very good about pee and poo in the potty, and never once had an accident. Not even over night. I think this also contributed to Maizey's interest in the potty. Once we returned from camping she did the funniest thing. She brought me a plastic grocery bag, put it between her legs and squatted over it and said.. "potty". So, I think she is ready. I however am not ready. :( I am not ready to have a big girl goes pee pee on the potty no need for diapers daughter yet. When she asks, we put her on. She has yet to actually go on the potty, but We're getting there. I have a book to read about a 3 day potty training method. It says not to use the pull up style diapers and that they need to learn what an accident feels like so that they try to avoid them. It also says the ideal time to potty train is at 22 months old. Well Maizey will be 22 months in another couple weeks. I haven't read the whole book yet, but will. Maybe tonight I will read it. We will need to pick up a potty too, because we have no bathroom on the main floor of the house we're at now, and think it's too far to take her all the way upstairs for potty because she has usually gone while we are on the way up. She couldn't wait a month? Until we have a bathroom on each level of the house. Anyone have any potty training tips? I'd love to hear them.

Sketchy Neighbour Update...

So, the sketchy neighbour asked for another $20.00 today. There was no allergy medication or spider bite excuse, just flat out wanted to "borrow" $20. She seemed a little desperate and I am wondering if she was having some kind of drug withdraw. She and her husband (who we never knew existed until a week or two ago, after living beside them for a year) were out on their front porch digging in her purse. There were things strewn about the porch and walkway. I don't know? Did they misplace their money? Or did they think it would magically appear if they looked hard enough. I didn't give her any. Can't wait to move.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Well... We're outta here!!

We have limited time left on our ghetto clock! We are moving! In a month from now, we will be in a house. Angela's dad's home sold about a week ago, and he's purchased one that will accommodate all of us.
Not a moment to soon. The other day as I was on my way to the truck from the house, the sketchy next door neighbour asked to borrow allergy medication as she had "eaten her medicine and broke out into a reaction on her lips" (she did have some nasty thing going on with her mouth). I did not have anything to lend her because we don't have allergies, so she asked to borrow $6.00 so she could go get some. Ok, this lady doesn't even know our names. I gave her $10.00 (I'm a sucker like that) and told her to take care of herself. Ok good deed for the day.
Alright, today she actually knocked on the door and asked to borrow $3.00 so she could give her friend gas money to take her to the hospital because she had a huge spider bite on her ass! She then showed Angela her ass! There was a spider bite! We gave her $5.00 for the gas. That's it though! Next time, we're telling her we have no cash. She says she'll pay us back but we aren't expecting she will.
When we went to give our property manager our notice, he said to us "had enough eh?". We just smirked at him.

So the new house is a bungalow with a finished basement and a massive yard! We're quite excited. There is a hot tub, which I am excited about now, but realize it'll probably be a money pit and that the novelty will wear off.
We'll have to paint the bedrooms and probably touch up some other areas, but we find the decor is alright for us and won't have to do too much right away. There are long term items we want to do eventually but aren't in a hurry. It would be wonderful to renovate the whole kitchen, but that will be in time. Here are some pictures of the new house!

It's been a dry summer!


I'll post pictures of the inside once we move in.

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