Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Eve

I'm looking forward to new years eve. My best friend and her two boys are coming over. We didn't really have much of a plan for anything, so when she asked us what we were doing, and if she could crash with her kids, we decided that we would just host a family friendly new years eve party. Angela has since invited her sister and her family. I am hoping that her brother-in-law can at least curb the swears. I know there is no hope of getting him to not go outside at some point to smoke weed. We aren't really apposed to smoking weed, but we are if there are children around. This guy just cant seem to understand that we don't want it around our daughter. He even whips his shit out and tries to roll a joint at our dining room table, with all four of his kids right there and ours. Angela has had to talk to him several times about keeping is out of our house. He just doesn't get it and he has a hard time respecting us. I wish I was a bit tougher, but I always leave it up to Angela because it is her family. He says that he doesn't have a problem with it, but I mean really there isn't a time that he is over that he doesn't have to go outside to smoke some. Even on Christmas eve. I have invited a few of my other friends over, but they think it is kind of funny... a Family friendly new years. All their kids are older, and they are considering going to the free celebration in Niagara Falls. We went last year and it was pretty good, but I am looking forward to being home this year. We have also invited over Steven and Michael. Maizey's Dad and Papa. Papa has to work and dad is also considering Niagara Falls this year. We're going to order a bunch of Greek food, and make some appetisers and some martini's and just hang out. I've had flu like symptoms today, but have to go to work tomorrow. I have two important appointments that I'd really like to be at. Also, I'm afraid that if I don't work my shift tomorrow, I won't get paid for my stat on Wednesday. I am lucky enough to have Tuesday off. Angela has finally been put on a regular schedule at work, and so we will be able plan ahead for our time off together. It is a multi week rotating schedule, so it won't be completely synched with mine, but it's better. We're really looking forward to having our Kitchen completely renovated. hopefully in January or February. We've had a couple of quotes done, and they are way off of each other. One seems vague and inexpensive, and the other is very detailed and rather on the expensive side. Although the second one also included replacing our whole main floor flooring. It really really needs to be done. The flooring we have now is just a nightmare. It doesn't clean well, and it is cheap laminate. I'm a little weary about the whole deal only because we have "cove" ceilings in our living room, and I can't imagine how it will all look once it is finished. We're hoping to remove some walls and go for an open concept with an island. I guess I will just have to look at more concept drawings. The other problem I am having is imagining how we will situate our Living room furniture. In two weeks is also when we begin the process of purchasing the house from my father in law. It just benefits us all. Angela and I are planning on living in this house well into retirement. Her dad could use the money and not have it tied up in a home. He will be welcome to stay here, in the basement whenever he needs to. Angela and I can then put money into improving the house, and not have to worry that if something happens to her father, we will not fully benefit from the home improvements that we have paid for. It really is a bit more complicated that I make it sound, but it works out being fair. I better go to bed now, I am typing this on the new lap top that Santa brought us for Christmas this year, and something keeps happening to make the typing bigger and smaller and bigger and tiny etc. I am sure it is probably something I keep touching but it is really frustrating me to the max. I can't even handle it on my limited patients these days.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A month goes by ...

Can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Holy moly ... Needless to say, I'm not pregnant yet. If I was, I would have posted it ASAP.
Went to Cuba for a week. Got mildly sick while there... Something I ate? Too much sun? Not sure really. It was a pretty good time, for being work and all.
Gearing up for Christmas- still gotta do pretty well all the shopping. It's like when I do go, I can't concentrate on actually getting stuff. I'm feeling very scattered these days. I'm having a hard time with focussing.
We decided to wait until January to renovate.
Maizey is so great! Potty trained and everything. It's nice to be diaper free!

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