Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Days

Yesterday we went to the Toronto Zoo. It was really a lot of fun. It's a lot of walking, but I didn't mind. Of course my favourite animal was the giraffes. I was a little sad that they had them in small cages. Usually they are out in a big grassy treed area but I guess they had put in new sod or something and had to keep them in the cages. Maizey was good. I think she saw some of the animals. Angela, Maizey and I went with my best buddy Jo and her son Aiden. Aiden is about 19/20 months old now and he was really liking the animals. He got all sad every time we said "goodbye" to an animal, but was very excited to see the next one. He liked the monkey's and he liked the zebra`s. Maizey has been extra tired today though.
Tomorrow we are going to Marineland. We wouldn`t be going because we wouldn`t spend the money on it (not worth it in my opinion), but my work has the annual summer company picnic there so we get everything free. We are taking my nephew and my mom with us. My nephew is really excited because he has never been on a roller coaster before. He is looking forward to the ladybug ride.
We have finally decided we will be going camping with Angela`s sister, brother in law and their kids. They have 4 (2 months to 10yrs). I am a little worried about Maizey and the bugs, but we`ll deal I suppose.
We really enjoy the camping atmosphere. We have decided that we will probably end up buying a small trailer. It would just be a lot easier then doing the tent. We spend a lot of money renting cottages every year and that only gets us a week. We figure that if we get a trailer we can go more frequently than just a week a year. We headed down to a local trailer dealer, and fell in love with one. Our goal is to have one by next spring. The thing is though, that we will have to get a new vehicle too because neither of our cars will tow the trailer that we like. It`s ok though because we were figuring we needed a bigger vehicle anyway. With the baby stroller and everything, we can hardly get anything else in the car. We`re thinking probably an SUV or crossover.
We`re really very excited.

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