Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camping - Day 2 & 3

On day 2, we spent the day at the beach. I of course was planning to spend the day under the massive sportbrella. I chose not to wear sunscreen because I don't like creams and lotions on me... I rarely use anything like that. Most of the day I did as planned and stayed under the umbrella. I took one 15 min swim in the lake, and burned! Just my shoulders, upper arms and my clevage. It's not too bad though.
It was a good day.

After the beach we came back to the camp site and helped my friend put her tent away because she had to go back to Ottawa. Then we put our tarps up anticipating the thunderstorms. Guess what! It didn't rain a drop. It was a beautiful day.

Maizey refused to nap all day and was very cranky. I managed to get her down for a nap just in time for dinner.

So cute that she puts her arms over her eyes. Good ol' dog bed!

It was a short lived nap. Lucky for us, Maizey's cousin, Lucas, took on the job of entertaining her while we finished eating our dinner. He loves his baby cousin!

He loves her so much that he shared hi double stuffed Oreo with her .

Maizey is getting all kinds of treats that she shouldn't be eating.

Right now, Angela is having a shower, Maizey is sleeping in her baby cousin hailey's screened in baby bed, while we sit around the fire again tonight.
Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm for overnight tonight, hail etc. Good thing we left our tarps up.

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Teaberry said...

OMG, what a great idea-- the dog bed!