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Just pictures

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Finally it allowed me to post pictures. It was just a test. Earlier I mean.
Things have been great around here! We had a terrific summer and fall's going well already.
We enjoyed turkey dinner last night and my sweety even cooked it ! Usually I'm the cook. She did a fantastic job.
Already thinking about another get away this March break.. Hoping to be able to afford it. I wish we knew more people with kids Maizey's age so they could join us. I like for her to have someone to play with. I know most resorts have kids clubs but I don't like the idea of going on a family vacation just to ditch my kid. Although, maybe she'd make friends.
My nephew and Mai get along very well but my brother and my sis in law aren't resort people. They like to be on the go a lot.
Over the weekend, I had one of those moments when you write the date down and realize someone you use to know had a birthday that day. Got me thinking of good old times. Good memories. Made me a little lonesome.
Things at work have lightened up a bit and the stress has lightened up a bit too. Makes it a lot easier to love my job! There are aspects of my job that I love, that I hadn't been doing due to the individual needs of the people I supported, well some of those things are back. It's a nice change. Less mental exhaustion and more physical exhaustion.
Anyway, enough random thoughts for now. More pictures.

Ok now I can't post pictures !!
I wish I was more techie
I'll try the photos after in their own post maybe?

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