Saturday, August 29, 2009

What do you think we should do?

Approximately 2 weeks ago, we took our little dog Bennie to the groomers to have a hair cut. When I arrived to pick him up, he couldn't open his right eye and was rubbing at it. The groomer at first said she wasn't going to charge us for the hair cut because she didn't know what happened to his eye. She said she had clipped closer to his eyes than usual, but that she had also used a stronger shampoo than usual as well so she wasn't sure if she had irritated his eye by getting shampoo in it. She ended up charging us full price for the hair cut, and asked us to please call her and let us know how everything progressed.
The next day his eye was just worse, so we called the Vet to come and have a look at him (our vet makes house calls.. pretty cool eh?). As it turns out, there was a very large scrape on Bennie's eye ball, more than likely from the clippers. We got drops for that, let the groomer know what had happened, and she later called back and left a message apologising and offering to refund the cost of the hair cut or pay for the vet visit, stating she would call us back later to talk to us about it. Since then, she has not called us back, and the scrape has cleared up nicely, but what we didn't catch the first visit was the skin infection he has. I had the Vet come again today, and he has said that the infection was probably caused by the groomer's equipment. So, now we have shelled out more than $300 for vet costs and for antibiotics etc... and haven't heard from the groomer since.
I called her again today to give her and "up-date" on Bennie's progress. (she screens calls as she has never once answered the phone)
We weren't going to worry too much about the cost of the first vet visit, because accidents happen, and we thought that maybe the groomer could just give us a free grooming or two if she felt she had to make up for what she had done. But now, It is getting costly. Should we ask the groomer to pay for the last vet visit?
This is still not resolved as the vet says that if this treatment we have Bennie on right now doesn't work, we will have to do more invasive tests to see if he's got a skin parasite.
What do you think we should do ???

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok... so I didn't post later...

There is a good reason for this. After I returned from the client vacation, I went on a little vacation of my own, with the same friend and her family that I was on client vacation with. We had so much fun staying at the cabin near Algonquin park, that we decided that we would go and Camp in Algonquin park. We stayed at the Lake of Two Rivers camp ground. I personally had a wonderful time. In tents, fresh air, camp fire, cooking out in the open, all that good camping stuff... My friend Darla on the other hand, not as much fun. Oh the daytime was fine, and the accommodations (big tent with air mattresses) were fine, but what got her were the BEARS. Yes.... I said Bears. This was the one thing that kept her from ever wanting to go camping in Algonquin park. After I assured her and that she had nothing to worry about, and after she researched online a little about bear fatalities in Algonquin park, she decided to give it a go. Well once we arrived.. the very attractive park attendant (nothing like a woman who knows the wilderness and wears a uniform) told us that there had been "bear incidents" every night for the past two months. Well.. This worried my friend, so... we were extra paranoid and cautious about food on the campsite etc.... but still, she tells me she was awake all night listening to every single sound worrying about bears.
Me on the other hand, I slept like a baby. The second night was a little cold, but again, I slept fine right through it.
I will post some pictures of the vacation when I get some time. Possibly Monday or Tuesday. :) Maybe Sunday night when I do my laundry. :)
Now I must go catch up on what you've all been up to while I was away.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back

I'm back, I'm exhausted, I got my period.
I'll write more tomorrow or later in the week.
Too tired to think!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today is 8 DPO and still not a single symptom. Well not anything that I would count anyway. If I take the realist approach, everything that could be a symptom, are just normal things that probably occur in my body every day, but I just take more notice of them at this point. Really.
Last night I got sort of positive about "symptoms" but then today when I think about it, I know that it really wasn't symptoms at all. LOL.
I have to do a whack of laundry today and pack for the trip tomorrow. I am really pretty excited. And it will be a good way to keep my mind off of the last 6 days of the two week wait. I just hope that AF doesn't show early, and spoil my fun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

No Symptoms

Well today is 6 DPO and I haven't a single symptom. Weird. I'm not stressed about it really. What will be will be I suppose. Stress or no stress. As long as I get my baby some day, I'll be fine with that.
I keep thinking that this cycle is a bust mostly because last time I got a positive, I already had really really sore nipples by 6 dpo. This time... NOTHING.
I will wait it out until my AF showers me with her love, but I am not holding on to any hopes at this point. One thing I am finding though, is that every time I get a negative, I feel the pain of losing my first pregnancy all over again. I suppose that is just from thinking that had it worked out, I wouldn't be going through this again.
I get to go away to a cottage next week with work. It should be a great time. Lucky for me, my co-worker that I get to go with is one of my very best friends. We always have a great time with our clients. There is nothing I like better than seeing the smiles on those guys' faces when they are doing something out of the ordinary. We are for sure going to go horse back riding, and possibly white water rafting. We are a little worried about losing one guy off the boat in the white water, so we are still contemplating that one. We will have night time fires, and make s'mores, tell stories etc.
I am looking forward to it, even if I am mentally drained by the end.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well today is Monday.
We opted out of insemination on Sunday night. We figured that if I had my positive OPK on Friday evening. By Sunday night, It would be too late to do a try. Hopefully what ever was in there from Friday worked. Its so hard to know what to do. I have read that you have to inseminate before your Ovulation for it to work, because after is too late.
I think Saturday Morning would have been key, but we were away. I don't regret that. We had way too much fun for regrets.
I'm positive it'll happen, and I have resigned to knowing that I can't control when it does really. So, it will just happen when it happens. I'm not going to be all uptight about it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I think too much. Its not great.
So, I've been peeing on the OPK stick off and on for a while. Tuesday, I peed on one and the test line came up lighter than the control line, but darker than I expected at this point in my cycle. So, I warned my donor that his contribution may be needed sooner than expected as we had told him that Aug 9 or so would probably be the date we would start needing him. So, Tuesday night we decided that we would start doing the insemming Wednesday. I peed on the stick again Wed, and the test line was as dark as the control. We made a deposit. Tonight, I peed again and the line was again as dark as the control, we deposited again. We will once more tomorrow before we leave to go to our friends for the weekend (in fact we have postponed our departure time b/c the donor has to work until later than we wanted to leave). I have of course two worries this month. 1.) that I am getting false positives on my OPK. (the time I got pregnant, the test line was clearly darker than the control) and 2.) That my real darker line will come while we are away this weekend or not at all. I think I have planned things pretty well, as I will be having a deposit on Friday just before we go and then my donor will be available again on Sunday when we return. Going by the logic that the swim team can survive in there for 24-48+ hours, I should be covered for the time away with no deposit.
I know that I put way too much thought into this process, but I just can't help it. I am a paranoid type person. I analyze everything.
For example. I don't think I can possibly get pregnant unless everything is the same as the one time "it worked". I actually had the "twinges" that people talk about on my left ovary, I had cramping around ovulation time, spotting etc. My OPK was extremely dark.
I keep trying to tell myself that woman all over the world get pregnant and have no idea that they are ovulating, have no signs of it at all. But then, I counter that with the thought of "they probably aren't looking for signs".
I think I am going to think myself crazy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Monday

today is a holiday Monday. I might as well be at work. I am so bored. Truth is, I just don't know what I want to do. the thing is, we are trying to save money, and I am now just starting to think that most of the fun things to do around here are costly. It is such a nice day out, that I would prefer to do something outside. I could walk the dogs, but we have 4 right now, and it is almost impossible to walk them all at the same time, and if I take two at a time, the two that have to stay home get jealous and bark the entire time I am gone. It sucks that Angela doesn't get the day off like I do.
approximately a week until we do another insem. I am a little nervous because we have plans to go away next weekend, but what if I O early? We'll be too far away to come back for the insem. Lets just hope everything happens on it's usual schedule this week. I will be testing with OPK this week so I should have some idea. Fingers crossed about timing.
I have fallen back into my relaxed mode about things. I'm not nearly as uptight about the whole process. I'm not worried. I'll get pregnant eventually. Its just hard when there is nothing you can do it get it now.