Friday, January 2, 2009

Something I said... *warning, maybe TMI in this Post

Last week I said I was off until today and that it's Awesome! LOL..
I would just like to report that I am working today.. and it's not so Awesome.

But I also have to say that with the new year, I have gained some motivation for some things. . .
1) I am going to lose 10 to 15 lbs to help with the baby-making process. (lets see how long this lasts)
2) Although I didn't feel much like cooking dinner at 7am this morning, I did it anyway. (It is my Job after all) :P
3) Also, As much as I was planning my "nap" for after work, as soon as I got up this morning, I still took some chicken breast out of the freezer with intentions to actually cook for Ang and I tonight.
4) Here's lookin' at you Kid
5) I like making lists
6) Enough already... lol

I thought of something this morning. A little background information about my fertility that I seemed to have left out. (Hence the minor health issues last week)
So.. I have never actually heard my Doctor say the phrase "you have PCOS", but I suspect that I must and he just opted never to say that. Maybe it is some kind of protection for him, just in case his diagnosis is wrong.
A few years back, I went to see him due to very heavy and painful menstruation, also, I was having a problem with a lot of random breakthrough bleeding and/or spotting. So.. he checked me all out. He checked me for darker skin in my arm pits, he checked me for excess "male pattern" hair growth (I only have a little extra on my face, but I do my best to wax and tweeze), he asked me questions about my period, I charted for months for him, he also tested my fasting insulin levels as well as other hormones. As it turned out, I believe my testosterone levels were higher than average, and my fasting insulin was high as well. He prescribed me "Metformin". I took the medication as directed, and before i knew it, I had lost weight, I was no longer spotting between periods, My period was like a dream compared to what I was use to and my cycle was exactly 28 days and I had perfect CM mid cycle. YAY... It was all fixed.
Well... I for some reason (I know it was only because I was too lazy to go back to get a new prescription) I stopped taking the metformin. All chaos broke loose in the land of Karen's girl parts. I went back and begun the regime again. Only, I wasn't as diligent at taking my medication all the time etc. So.. I had some minor bleeding etc between periods. I finally decided that I was going to start TTC in approx 6 months, and cracked down on my med taking, and was very faithful. And have been to this day.. only, I am still having some mid cycle bleeding. Mostly a couple days before my OPKs detect ovulation, and then a few days after.
I am just wondering if maybe I need a boost in dosage. I'll wait for my blood work results to come back, and then I will see my Dr. again for some more advise. I am refusing to get all worked up about it at this point, as it may just be something simple to diagnose and fix.
I'll keep you updated as things go on.
Have a great Day today!

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