Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two weeks from today is the Move day. I went and took the first of Feb off and I am working on Jan 31, but now we have decided for two reasons to do the move on the 31 of Jan. One, they need our apartment we are in right now to move in one of the people who were affected by the fire, and two, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. No one wanted to help on Super bowl Sunday. It's ok. We went and paid the last amount of rent that we owed (now we have two full months paid at the new place) and found out that we will be getting our keys on Jan 30, because no one will be working in the office on the day of our move.
We are going next week to "measure the windows" . That is just our excuse, we are really going to just have a look around to make sure they are doing a good job on the renovations, and that we aren't going to end up in a dump. If we feel somethings not up to standards, we'll let them know.
I was packing like a mad woman again yesterday. I think I packed probably about 25 boxes alone yesterday. I also ended up with 3 large bags of garbage, and I sorted out some stuff that we had left all mixed up and messy from our last move. But still, there are those things that I just don't know how or when or with what to pack. You know.. Like I just know I am going to end up with a few boxes of just random stuff... stuff that I will probably keep in boxes and not look at until the next time I move... but for some reason have to keep.
Its not like I am a massive pack rat, but there are some things that I just need to keep because I feel like if I throw them away, the next day is the day that I will need it. I hate when that happens.
I am getting excited amongst the stress though.
If my calculations are correct, I think it will probably be right around the move, the next time I ovulate. That should make for some interesting timing...

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