Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get out of Town!

Angela and I decided to come to London ON, to visit with our good friends. The same couple we went to the cottage with. We always have a lot of fun hanging out with them. I am lucky that way because with all of my good friends, I have no problem just being myself. Its nice to be able to just come down and not have the stress. We left the dogs to be babysat. Although, we got some bad news on our way down here. It seems that Angela's mom has been admitted to the hospital due to Pneumonia and the terrible complications that it is having with her cancer. They have moved her to isolation, we're hoping that she gets a lot better a lot quicker. It seems that due to the infection, it has given the cancer a chance to spread, and she is at her worst now despite the chemo therapy and radiation treatments. We unfortunately can't even go and visit her in the hospital, because of the isolation and Angela is still fighting a cold.

This afternoon, we went to the market place in downtown London. It is quite a nice large indoor market. We had some DELICIOUS Portuguese food while we were there. MMM.... I love Portuguese food.

After the market, we spent most of the afternoon driving around searching for Sing*Star for the PS2. We were specifically looking for Sing*Star 80s 90s and Pop. We played the Abba and Rocks versions yesterday, but thought that the others sounded much more fun. Of course we couldn't find any of them... so that sucks.

We'll just have to play Guitar Hero tonight I guess.

*** TTC Update
Since I did not ovulate this cycle, I am thinking that My insemination's didn't But here's the issue. I have been spotting ever since my Dr. did the exam two weeks ago, and now I think my whole cycle is screwed up. I have to see him again Tuesday, so I'll let you know what happens.

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Teaberry said...

thinking of Angela's mom.... I know that scenario very well.

best of luck with your next TTC!