Saturday, January 3, 2009

The call

Well, the Dr Called me yesterday afternoon. It seems I did not ovulate this month. My progesterone levels were quite low he said. He also mentioned that if I have gotten positive results on my OPKs that I am probably ovulating intermittently. I have appointment to go back and see him on the 13th. I think I am going to take a friend with me (Angela's working or I would take her) just to make sure I ask all the questions I want to, and to help gather all the information I can.
I am not to worried about it at this point. I would just like to get it all worked out soon.
My donor has gone to Dominican Republic for his sister's wedding, lucky guy! Maybe when he gets back I will get tanned spermmies. LOL :P
Oh.. I also found out that my Dr use to work at a Fertility Clinic, so I am sure if anything is going on with me, he'll have ideas on how to fix them. I am feeling very positive about this experience, that had originally had me feeling negative.


Heidi said...

I'm sorry you didn't ovulate this month.

But yeah for a good attitude :)

can you rub some of that off on me?

Karen said...

I figure that nothing good ever comes of negativity, so I decided that I would do my best in 2009 to find the positive in everything.