Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok... so I didn't post later...

There is a good reason for this. After I returned from the client vacation, I went on a little vacation of my own, with the same friend and her family that I was on client vacation with. We had so much fun staying at the cabin near Algonquin park, that we decided that we would go and Camp in Algonquin park. We stayed at the Lake of Two Rivers camp ground. I personally had a wonderful time. In tents, fresh air, camp fire, cooking out in the open, all that good camping stuff... My friend Darla on the other hand, not as much fun. Oh the daytime was fine, and the accommodations (big tent with air mattresses) were fine, but what got her were the BEARS. Yes.... I said Bears. This was the one thing that kept her from ever wanting to go camping in Algonquin park. After I assured her and that she had nothing to worry about, and after she researched online a little about bear fatalities in Algonquin park, she decided to give it a go. Well once we arrived.. the very attractive park attendant (nothing like a woman who knows the wilderness and wears a uniform) told us that there had been "bear incidents" every night for the past two months. Well.. This worried my friend, so... we were extra paranoid and cautious about food on the campsite etc.... but still, she tells me she was awake all night listening to every single sound worrying about bears.
Me on the other hand, I slept like a baby. The second night was a little cold, but again, I slept fine right through it.
I will post some pictures of the vacation when I get some time. Possibly Monday or Tuesday. :) Maybe Sunday night when I do my laundry. :)
Now I must go catch up on what you've all been up to while I was away.

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