Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Monday

today is a holiday Monday. I might as well be at work. I am so bored. Truth is, I just don't know what I want to do. the thing is, we are trying to save money, and I am now just starting to think that most of the fun things to do around here are costly. It is such a nice day out, that I would prefer to do something outside. I could walk the dogs, but we have 4 right now, and it is almost impossible to walk them all at the same time, and if I take two at a time, the two that have to stay home get jealous and bark the entire time I am gone. It sucks that Angela doesn't get the day off like I do.
approximately a week until we do another insem. I am a little nervous because we have plans to go away next weekend, but what if I O early? We'll be too far away to come back for the insem. Lets just hope everything happens on it's usual schedule this week. I will be testing with OPK this week so I should have some idea. Fingers crossed about timing.
I have fallen back into my relaxed mode about things. I'm not nearly as uptight about the whole process. I'm not worried. I'll get pregnant eventually. Its just hard when there is nothing you can do it get it now.

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