Saturday, August 29, 2009

What do you think we should do?

Approximately 2 weeks ago, we took our little dog Bennie to the groomers to have a hair cut. When I arrived to pick him up, he couldn't open his right eye and was rubbing at it. The groomer at first said she wasn't going to charge us for the hair cut because she didn't know what happened to his eye. She said she had clipped closer to his eyes than usual, but that she had also used a stronger shampoo than usual as well so she wasn't sure if she had irritated his eye by getting shampoo in it. She ended up charging us full price for the hair cut, and asked us to please call her and let us know how everything progressed.
The next day his eye was just worse, so we called the Vet to come and have a look at him (our vet makes house calls.. pretty cool eh?). As it turns out, there was a very large scrape on Bennie's eye ball, more than likely from the clippers. We got drops for that, let the groomer know what had happened, and she later called back and left a message apologising and offering to refund the cost of the hair cut or pay for the vet visit, stating she would call us back later to talk to us about it. Since then, she has not called us back, and the scrape has cleared up nicely, but what we didn't catch the first visit was the skin infection he has. I had the Vet come again today, and he has said that the infection was probably caused by the groomer's equipment. So, now we have shelled out more than $300 for vet costs and for antibiotics etc... and haven't heard from the groomer since.
I called her again today to give her and "up-date" on Bennie's progress. (she screens calls as she has never once answered the phone)
We weren't going to worry too much about the cost of the first vet visit, because accidents happen, and we thought that maybe the groomer could just give us a free grooming or two if she felt she had to make up for what she had done. But now, It is getting costly. Should we ask the groomer to pay for the last vet visit?
This is still not resolved as the vet says that if this treatment we have Bennie on right now doesn't work, we will have to do more invasive tests to see if he's got a skin parasite.
What do you think we should do ???


Anonymous said...

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Teaberry said...

Hmmm... if it were my dog (or cat, in my case) I'd be upset. Is this groomer also mobile like your vet? If not, I'd go down to where she works and speak to her in person.

I'm sure she's avoiding you because she knows that it was something she did (and I am sure it was totally accidental, but still!) that caused the troubles. I guess if you can't find there there isn't much you can do, except stop using her services and find another groomer, and maybe let your friends, etc. know not to use her services?

But, was she licensed, bonded and insured? If so, she should be covered for such situations... What does the vet think you should do?

J and D said...

This sounds familiar to what happened to one of our family dogs. She had a "clipper to the eye" experience and she had to have her eye removed because of it. I would have only agreed with "accidents happen" if she'd fessed up to it. I can't imagine a clipper in the eye feels that great when it happens. I don't believe she didn't know. As for the grooming issues.... how is pet grooming licensed? Is there a way to make a complaint higher up? Perhaps you could try calling the SPCA for advice indicating between the eye mishap AND the infection that there is something up with her business.

Courtney said...

I say take the bitch down. Or you could talk to her nicely. Or we can pin her down and use her grooming equipment on her eye brows. Leave the choice up to her ;)