Friday, August 14, 2009

No Symptoms

Well today is 6 DPO and I haven't a single symptom. Weird. I'm not stressed about it really. What will be will be I suppose. Stress or no stress. As long as I get my baby some day, I'll be fine with that.
I keep thinking that this cycle is a bust mostly because last time I got a positive, I already had really really sore nipples by 6 dpo. This time... NOTHING.
I will wait it out until my AF showers me with her love, but I am not holding on to any hopes at this point. One thing I am finding though, is that every time I get a negative, I feel the pain of losing my first pregnancy all over again. I suppose that is just from thinking that had it worked out, I wouldn't be going through this again.
I get to go away to a cottage next week with work. It should be a great time. Lucky for me, my co-worker that I get to go with is one of my very best friends. We always have a great time with our clients. There is nothing I like better than seeing the smiles on those guys' faces when they are doing something out of the ordinary. We are for sure going to go horse back riding, and possibly white water rafting. We are a little worried about losing one guy off the boat in the white water, so we are still contemplating that one. We will have night time fires, and make s'mores, tell stories etc.
I am looking forward to it, even if I am mentally drained by the end.


Teaberry said...

you're not out of the game until AF shows!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

your cabin visit sounds fun-- will you do all those activities, too?

Stacey said...

don't worry...symptoms usually don't occur during the tww because it's too early. also, every pregnancy is different.