Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Felt The Pippy Move...

"The Pippy"... Just made that up now.. short for pip-squeek. For the last couple of days, I have been feeling The Pippy move. Just tiny little pings of a flutter. So exciting and makes me smile every time. I can now feel my hard uterus just below my belly button. I have only lost weight since the conception, but have a feeling that will change very soon. My pants are definately tighter, but I don't yet have to wear any maternity things. Soon, I suspect.
6 days until we find out if The Pippy is a boy or a girl. :) We have now decided (I think) upon names but there are still 20 weeks and 5 days left until the EDD, so we shall see if those are real decisions or not. We aren't sharing the names until birth. (except with the doner and his partner, and our closest friends)

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Teaberry said...

Totally awesome feeling, isn't it??