Monday, July 5, 2010

Thankful for honest people

After our trip to the cottage, Angela and I headed down to London Ontario to visit our good friends for the weekend. On Sunday we decided to go out for lunch. Angela brought the camera. While getting into the car, she got distracted. She placed the camera atop the car. And left it there. It wasn't until hours later that she realized what she had done. She searched the neighbourhood for the camera but couldn't find it. We were convinced that the camera was gone forever. Our good friends went out into the neighbourhood and posted "lost camera" posters. I was sure we'd never get our camera so I asked them to ask that if someone found it that they would at least leave the memory card in their mail box so we could at least have our pictures.
This morning I received a call from our good friend... Someone found the camera and will return it to them this evening!!!! The whole thing! I have new faith in humanity today.

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Anonymous said...

There are good people out there! So happy to hear you got your camera back... the whole thing!