Monday, February 22, 2010

Suprised by the snow fall today

I hate thinking of titles for my posts. Monday today, CD 3 ? Ya who knows with the way my period has been. Saturday I finally got my regular flow. It has been so weird, seems pretty off. Know what I did? I took out my old calendar charts from last year and reviewed them. It turns out that my period is mimicking last year month by month almost exactly. It seems as though all the things that have me frantically searching the internet for theories to run by my doctor all occurred last year in this exact same pattern., only a month later. Going by this logic I should get pregnant in April. Lol. I am still going to run my theories by the doctor anyway. He's going to think I am nuts. :) doesn't matter, I just need to know. Don't you just hate the Internet for how easy it is to find too much information from god only knows what source. I just don't know what to trust anymore. My instinct? It's not even that reliable.

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