Sunday, February 7, 2010

Question 1 - do we ever feel like the floor crawling and what is our stradedgy for coping and what do we love about our townhouse.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what is meant by the floor is crawling. We do not allow our dogs to go to the upper level of our home. Upstairs is carpeted and the dogs love to dig at the carpet. Also, they keep us up at night by jumping on and off the bed or generally taking up to much room. Another dirty habit they have is eating the bathroom garbage, the only bathroom is on that floor of the house. Our living area is all fake hard wood. This is the place the dogs spend much of their time. If by crawling, you mean all hairy and yucky? We just swiffer all the time sometimes twice a day. Only one of our dog sheds and the cat does. We have leather furniture to keep the hair easier to clean up. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to have no pets and no hair. as for what we love about our townhouse... There really isn't that much. We thought that moving here would be great. It is much nicer with the space compared to our tiny apartment for basically the same rent. The thing is though, the neighbourhood isn't great, people don't take pride in their yard etc. We often hear the neighbours yelling a their children or at one another through the wall or from out side. We have recently found out there is a wild coyote in the area and I have been stalked by it while walking my dogs so am afraid to go out with them for a walk after dark. A grow op got busted across the way due to a fire in the unit. We do like the yard for letting the dogs out on their own, and I like that we can and do have our own laundry machines. Basically, we are going to stay here until we pay off some debt and can manage a mortgage and our own house. This place will do, if nothing else, it is entertainment (sometimes at 3 am).
I hope that I have answered well enough, or if I have missunderstood the question please feel free to clarify.
Thanks for the question!

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