Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question #3- How did Angela and I meet?

ok, Keep in mind, I am not a very good story teller.
Well very early in my coming out days (I think I was probably around 22 or 23 years old by then) I had told my one friend Joanna,(she was straight and I had 'the' feelings for her) that I thought that I was a lesbian(I knew I was a lesbian). She said to me .. "oh my friend (Whitney) from university is a lesbian, I'll get her to email you so that you guys can talk about stuff and then you won't feel like no one gets what you are feeling"... We got in contact with one another. Through many conversations etc, we got to know one another. We termed me as "the bench warmer for the team" because I was really not that interested (or ready) to have a relationship with a woman. This friend of mine dated a few women, and I would hang around with them etc. My other friends were very supportive as well.
Well, Whitney fell in love. With Courtney. Courtney, Whitney and I would hang out a couple of times. Little did I know that Courtney's best friend from high school was also a lesbian. A lesbian that was single and looking. Courtney then showed Angela some pictures of me, and Angela loved my dark curly hair. One day, while I was conversing with Courtney on MSN, she brought Angela into the conversation and then suddenly had to "go". Angela and I talked for a while. And became friends over MSN and email. At this point, Angela was safe for me because I wasn't ready for anything, and she lived in New Jersey, working for family. We continued to keep in touch and I really started to like her.
Eventually she moved back to Canada, and we decided to meet. My friend Joanna and Courtney were taking a woman's study course together and planned a night of bowling. I was so full of anxiety. This meeting could change my life forever. During the bowling and through the coffee afterwards, Angela and I barely looked at one another, both shy and awkward. After that, we decided that if we were going to really get to know one another we should hang out together alone. She drove to my city and took me on a real date. We laugh about that date now, but have been together ever since. Coming up on 8 years this April.


Anonymous said...

I didnt know angie was in the USA when you started to chat!!
little lissy

Teaberry said...

Well... what was the real date? Where did you go?