Saturday, September 6, 2014

The scoop.

Turns out that allergic reactions can cause low blood pressure. That was likely the culprit.
Other than some residual itch and a couple stitches and a black eye, mom's pretty good.
Some great news!
Mom's blood work came back showing elevated white blood cells, so the ER doc called the radiologist to ask him to read the CT scan from Thursday right away, thinking there could still be some pneumonia.
The radiologist said that her lungs looked a lot better than the last CT... And, get this, he also said that he didn't see any evidence of cancer in the lungs at all. There was some normal post radiation scars etc, but no indications of cancer at all.
We've had our mini celebration, but are going to wait for confirmation from the MRI today and further conversation from the cancer doctor until we are completely at ease.

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Shannon said...

Wow! So glad to hear some good news after all that's happened?

Shannon said...

That was supposed to be a statement, not a question. :)