Friday, September 5, 2014

Here I am...

Here I am again, in the emergency department of the hospital with my mom.
What better to do than blog it at 3:50 am?
She had another CT scan this morning. The last one she had, they never had her drink the drinks and didn't inject the dye because at one point while she was in the hospital and had a CT scan she had an allergic reaction to something. They suspected it was the dye, but it was never confirmed. This morning they prepped her by having her take prednisone and Benadryl. They went ahead with the dye to get a clearer picture. She was fine most of the day.
At around 2:30pm she began a reaction. She took some more OTC Benadryl as per her doctor and managed the rest of the day with some itch.
I called her a few times through the evening to make sure she was alright. (I was working the afternoon shift). She sounded fine, and said she was ok except for a little itch here and there. I reinforced how important it was for her to call me if she felt off at all.
At 1am my phone rang.
It was mom. She had become dizzy and fallen on her face in the kitchen and couldn't get up. I quickly raced to her house. I found her sitting on a kitchen chair, blood all over her face, and kitchen floor.
She said she felt a little better and wanted to go lie down on the couch. I tried to assist her but she just went down again.
I didn't mess around, I called an ambulance.
She has low blood pressure, and might need stitches.
They are going to do yet another CT scan, no dye this time just to make sure she's not broken any of her facial bones.
That's where we're at now, at 4:06am.

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Stacey Bourgeois said...

OMG how scary. Sorry that she was injured. My mom is allergic to the dye so they pump her full of stuff to try and prevent the reaction.