Sunday, August 24, 2014


My mom went to see her cancer doctor last week. She's been told that the "spot" that was noticed on her X-Ray is cancer. Cancer in her lung. The next step will be to determine what kind of cancer it is. They will need to know if it was an extension of the breast cancer, or if it is a new cancer that originated in her lung. She may have as little as 5 years to live depending what they find out. She may also live on for decades. We're hoping we find out it can be controlled.
They can't cure lung cancer.
She will be having some more tests done in the next little while.
I've had a mini breakdown. My mom means a lot to me and I can't even imagine not having her present in my life.
So much worry!

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Stacey Bourgeois said...

Sorry to hear. :( I hope it's one that can be easily controlled/cured.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry. Hoping she gets good news.