Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2.5 days!

In 2.5 shifts I will begin my 13 day vacation. I'm really looking forward to it. We don't have much of anything planned and that feels good. We will be spending 3 nights in Ottawa. We were on the fence about that... To either spend the time and money on a vacation or on re-doing our bedroom. Well at the present moment, there is a promotion going on in Ottawa at many hotels. Third night stay is free. It's been so long since we've visited my best friend in Ottawa so we took advantage of the promotion. We'll have to paint and decorate our room another time. I have some great ideas for our room but it can wait.
We are also going to be hosting a sweet 16 party for my other good friend's daughter (yay! Staycation yard getting used) and then a rib fest - birthday party for my sister-in- law!
With the last couple of days being gorgeous weather I've been a little sad that we didn't do a camping vacation this year. There's always next year I guess.

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