Thursday, September 6, 2012

Could she be ready?

I don't know if it is time or not. But I think Maizey is ready for Potty Training. She has been communicating pee and poo to use for a while now, usually after she goes. When she is at the babysitter she will state POO POO and bring the diaper bag to the caregiver. While we were camping with my friend and her son, he was in potty training mode. She had brought with them a portable potty for traveling. This potty had you hook a plastic bag with absorbent pads in it around a seat instead of an actual "pot" to pee in. Aiden, was very good about pee and poo in the potty, and never once had an accident. Not even over night. I think this also contributed to Maizey's interest in the potty. Once we returned from camping she did the funniest thing. She brought me a plastic grocery bag, put it between her legs and squatted over it and said.. "potty". So, I think she is ready. I however am not ready. :( I am not ready to have a big girl goes pee pee on the potty no need for diapers daughter yet. When she asks, we put her on. She has yet to actually go on the potty, but We're getting there. I have a book to read about a 3 day potty training method. It says not to use the pull up style diapers and that they need to learn what an accident feels like so that they try to avoid them. It also says the ideal time to potty train is at 22 months old. Well Maizey will be 22 months in another couple weeks. I haven't read the whole book yet, but will. Maybe tonight I will read it. We will need to pick up a potty too, because we have no bathroom on the main floor of the house we're at now, and think it's too far to take her all the way upstairs for potty because she has usually gone while we are on the way up. She couldn't wait a month? Until we have a bathroom on each level of the house. Anyone have any potty training tips? I'd love to hear them.

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Shannon said...

Ian was also very interested before he turned to. My advice is to just follow her lead, don't force her. Sometimes they seem ready/interested but aren't quite there yet. It took Ian several months before he was really ready even though all along he was using the potty sometimes. We had him in Pull-Ups for a while and after a while he started to regress so his daycare teacher suggested putting him in underwear at that point. She said if he's going backwards, you go forwards. We did and within a few days, he was completely toilet trained. But I think he needed time to get there even though he showed signs of readiness months before. I agree about Pull-Ups, though - both my kids figured out pretty quick that they're just like diapers. They're good for night-time, though.

Also, we didn't use the little potties. We used a potty seat on the regular toilet with both kids because we felt like getting them to switch from the potty to the regular toilet later was just an added and unnecessary step in the process.

Good luck!