Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 weeks

It's two weeks until we get the keys to the new house. The packing isn't going as well as I had hoped it would be at this time. We're making progress, but it just feels so disorganized. We've honestly purged a lot, putting a lot in the dumpster, a lot to good will and even sold some to a second hand store. We've also got a few boxes marked "garage sale" that we'll store in the garage until next spring. The fact that our landlord keeps bringing people to look at the place isn't helping either. We do have until the 31 of October to be out, so it's still a month and a week away.
My mom and I took Maizey for a hair cut yesterday. She really doesn't have much to cut, but she was getting baby mullet. The curls on this baby girl are crazy!

She didn't seem to mind the process, and when it got to the blow drying, she loved it. The women at the salon were calling her a little diva. It's true though, My girl loves her girly girl things!

My mom is doing alright. She has two chemo treatments left, and then it's gong time. At the hospital when you finish chemo, you get to hit the gong! Every time I'm there an I hear it, I tear up.
She's not looking forward to the radiation stage of things. That will start in November and continue 5 days a week for 5 weeks. The doctors assure us that it is not as physically daunting as chemo. She will have to travel an hour each way to the closest hospital that can do the radiation. The same hospital Angela's mom passed away in. It will be a good Christmas this year, as if everything goes according to plan, things will be finished by then. Mom can then start living a normal life again in January, provided radiation does its job.

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Stacey said...

Exciting about your move.

I'm glad the chemo is almost done. My mom did radiation 25 years ago. She had 64 treatments of the maximum dose. They don't do that anymore. It was in Hamilton though. Guess they don't do the radiation anymore. Hope all goes well.