Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's snowing. Tonight is the snow that I like. The slow, silent kind of snow. It's winter wonderland kind of snow. I find it peaceful. I just want to sit outside and watch it, breath it in.

Maizey has been teething a lot. She got her lower right first molar and currently has her lower left an her top right and left first molars coming in. We are still waiting for her cuspids. She is really rather cranky but does well for the amount of pain I'm sure she is feeling.
She is full on walking now. It's so weird for me. I'll be just sitting on the couch and she comes walking out of the kitchen ... She crawls if she falls, but will ge up a soon as she finds something to pull up on. I think it's funny that she will stand up without help when she is on the couch or bed, but won't do it if she's on the floor.
She's just so amazing!
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