Sunday, February 26, 2012


Dreams are weird things aren't they? Everytime I dream about being at home, I am at the house I grew up in.
I also have frequent recurring dreams.
In my past, I've had a dream that my brother and I were going somewhere with my dad, and the bridge over the canal where we live begins to go up, so my dad accelerates and tries to use the bridge as a ramp and "jump" the canal, only to land us in the canal. Then we have to try to get out of the water before a boat comes, but the banks are all slippery mud and people are there pushing you back in if you manage to get out. I haven't had that one in a while.
The one I've been having recently is that I have to use the public washroom, and every time I go to one, there are no private toilets... They are all out in the open or there is more than one toilet in a stall. As well as the one where I need to have a shower and can't get privacy to do so. It's so weird and frustrating!
Other frustrating dreams are that I have too much gum in my mouth, and can't take any out, and when I can't dial the phone properly no matter how much I concentrate.
I have to say though, Friday night takes the cake! I didn't particularly remember my dream, but as I was showering, I noticed a bite mark on my right hand. That's when I vaguely remembered biting myself during a dream! I remember waking and thinking "ouch! That hurts! Why am I biting myself? "
So weird.
But I love dreaming! Even if it's becomming dangerous!

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