Friday, July 8, 2011

Laptop broke!

A week before we went camping our laptop was acting up. it would turn on but nothing would come up on the screen. We did this removing the battery and draining the power completely trick and it worked a few times. Once we returned from camping nothing would work. The screen just wouldn't turn on. We took it in yesterday to the store where we got it, and they determined it was the LCD screen. (duh). So, it has to be sent away to be fixed. It could be 3 weeks before we get it back. NOT IMPRESSED. We got the techy guy to save our budget to a flash drive cause I'd be lost without it. Now I have to use the dinosaur computer in the basement. No motivation to go down there at all. Not to mention there is no where for Maizey to play down there. Lucky for me I can do most stuff on my iPhone, but some things I can't figure out. Like getting to other blogs by links or reading comments or leaving comments. Some sort of disabled cookies. Sure "click here" to solve this problem. Right, on a PC maybe not my iPhone. Sometimes I wish I was techier!
I guess I'll have to wait until Angela is home before working on the budget so I won't have to take Maizey into the dungeon. I would do it while she naps, but she doesn't nap well, and she'd probably wake before the dinosaur booted up.

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