Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Crazy

I think I have gone baby crazy. All I can think about is babies. I want another one. I know that I want to wait until Maizey is older, but it seems so far away. I just Love Maizey so so so much. I can't even imagine life without her. It is so amazing just watching her learn and change.
There is some debate about the next baby. Angela thinks she may want to carry. I'm okay with that but, I want to carry too. I really enjoyed the pregnancy, and even the birth. If I am the one to carry, I would like to have the baby at home. Angela doesn't want me to. She is worried because I required surgery to repair my tears with Maizey. I told her she needn't worry about that, that they wouldn't offer it as an option if it wasn't completely safe. I am sure I would probably see a doctor quicker if I arrived to the hospital in an ambulance, than I did with Maizey anyway.
She's agreed that we can at least discuss it as an option with the Midwives when it comes time.
I LOVE MIDWIVES! Hopefully We will be lucky enough to have at least one more baby.


Shannon said...

Very exciting! When do you think you'll start trying for #2?

Karen said...

I am thinking on or around Maizey's second birthday. This could change though.