Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the children's hospital

We're currently at the McMaster children's hospital with Maizey. Our family doctor reccomended that we see a urology specialist because Maizey had a urinary tract infection at a very young age. They say it's likely nothing wrong but they are more comfortable with getting things all checked out. I hope they don't have to do anything to invasive. She hasn't had any problems since and I'm not even convinced she truely had an infection. Collecting a urine sample from a baby is not easy, and it probably got contaminated. We'll see I guess.
Maizey has been loving the pool season. She would live in the water if she could. We have a better timeline as to when we'll be moving to a house now and can't wait. We found a perfect house that only needs a few cosmetics, but it's such a great price and neighbourhood, I'm sure it will sell before we are ready to buy. It looks like we'll be waiting until December or January. I'm ok with that, but will be hiring movers! We always seem to move when it's sooo cold out!
Here's a picture of Maizey and her dad. Having fun at the pool!

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