Thursday, May 26, 2011


Maizey is 6 months old! Already... Before I know it, we'll be celebrating her first birthday and I'll be going back to work. I better get signed up for daycare. Daycare seems like an impossible task. I mean with Angela working such random hours and me working the 3-11 shift some times. I guess ultimately we'll need 4 days a week, 3 of 8 being afternoon shifts for me, and one weekend a month. Maybe my mom will be willing to help with the afternoons and the weekend if need be. I am willing to pay her daycare rates. I was hoping that she would retire in October and be able to be the daycare. I would totally pay her. I don't expect my mom to raise my kids. Thing is, now that my mom is recovering from her ostomy, she can't do that much physically without getting tired.
The other thing is that we're hoping to be in a new house, living with angela's dad by then, so maybe he could help out too.. I don't think he has much experince with little ones though. If we are in a house, Angela is going to give up one job and work part time hours only, so that could help too.
HA! I just thought of something funny! If we do try for a second child... Living with ange's dad... Lol what's he going to think when our guy comes over to make and leave the specimen !!!

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