Friday, May 20, 2011

So frustrating

Ughhh... I have been trying to publish a post for days now. It is stuck on my phone on the blog press application. Everytime I try to publish it is comes up with "it seems your network is not ready to publish" or something similar to that.

Breifly it was an update on us surviving the cold. After Maizey had it, both Angela and I got it. Mother's day, I got a fever, and Ange had to drive her dad to the airport, and well, I just put Maizey to bed, and went to bed. She must have known that I wasn't well because she slept through the night for me that night.

She doesn't sleep through the night often. She usually sleeps for 3 or 4 hours, wakes to eat, then sleeps again.

So, the $1 millon cottage that we were planning on staying in this summer got sold. We've had to pick a new one. It is not quite as nice as the first one, but it is nice still, and a little bit cheaper. The beach at this one is a lot nicer too. That will be nice for the kids.
I am really looking forward to this vacation!
I'm also hoping we can move out of this ghetto sooner than later. I'm just tired of coming out of my house to find a wal-mart shopping cart on my front walk way, or laying in bed listening to the neighbours have some very colourful conversations in the middle of the night, while I inhale the smoke from their ciggarettes that they smoke under our bedroom window. It's not so bad in the winter when no one is outside, but in the spring and summer, it's almost every night.
I'm also hoping to go camping for a few nights in June some time. The only thing holding us back is a lack of dog sitter. Usually ange's dad watches them for us but he's away until july. We'd take them, but that'll be too much. Especially since it would be our first time camping with Maizey.

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She is so cute!!